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When it comes to choosing an SEO structure its really a matter of post name or category post name. You can’t go wrong with either of them but I recommend if you’re unsure of which to go with or your site structure isn’t the best simply going with post name.

If you have any questions as always feel free to ask in the comments below.

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5 Thoughts to “Best WordPress Permalink Structure For SEO 2020 – WordPress SEO Permalink Structure – WordPress SEO”

  1. Great point to bring out the permalink structure. It is one of areas that someone can blast rigt through. Thanks again!

  2. Keep up the great work…Your videos cover so many topics..This one is especially useful!

  3. Also for the curious as to why other structures are not recommended.

    Dates provide no useful information to the user almost all snippets now include the post date in them, including them in the URL makes them harder to remember. It's also not required for Google News (it used to be required a long time ago but it is no longer).

    Numeric: This is obviously bad because it provides no information to the visitor about what the content is. Your permalinks should contain text relevant to the article's subject matter. Ideally it should also contain your focus keyword/keyphrase.

    Plain: This is obviously the worst, it causes issues with plugins, and it only exists as a default in-case the server doesn't support pretty permalinks.

    Finally I was asked in my inbox about adding /blog/ to the URL. I am personally not a fan of this implementation and don't see much value from it. Unless you have WordPress as /blog/ in a subfolder setup you're not going to get much benefit. If you're following a silo structure you're treating /blog/ as your top-level instead of a category. But if WordPress is in a subfolder setup you have no choice and it's acceptable!

    So in most implementations just use the post-name.

    If you have good site structure use %category%/%postname%/

    If you're not sure if you have Good Site Structure than you probably don't and should just use post name.

  4. hi I changed slug under a category and now I am getting a 404 error. how to fix it

  5. When in doubt simply choose post-name. If you have a really solid site structure and are only making use of a single category you can see some benefit by including the category name. Yoast also has a really good article about this that I suggest everyone reads when they have the time! Article:

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