Best Retail Arbitrage Free Software in 2019| Helium 10

Best Retail Arbitrage Free Software in 2019| Helium 10

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Best retail arbitrage / online arbitrage software for determining sales history. Keepa Alternative! Best free amazon fba free software for price history and how well things sell!

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Paul J. Savage is an Amazon Fba business owner who is documenting the process of scaling online businesses from nothing to Multi-Million Dollar businesses. I take so much joy in transparently teaching like minded people how to escape corporate jobs and create passive income from online businesses and personal branding. Help me build the first Radically Transparent and Radically Open minded online Community of people who have each others back and constructively work towards whats true and what is not.


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29 Thoughts to “Best Retail Arbitrage Free Software in 2019| Helium 10”

  1. You can't keep on using HElium 10 if you are using a free account

  2. Woww! Thank you, Son.. 😆🙌..
    This was sooo 'Savage' of you..👍

  3. What happened to the rest of your non private label videos

  4. Looks like a great tool, but also looks like after 30 days it gets quite expensive.

  5. Hi, thank you for the video, With keepa I can see in the graphic, sellers are going in and out of the listing, so that helping me lettle bit to avoid brand restrictions (only 1 seller usually), can I have the same info with Helium 10 in the graphic? thank you so much.

  6. I just purchased your course. I look forward to getting started.

  7. Doesn't Helium 10 only provide a limited number of uses per day or week or something in order to be free? Beyond that it stops working? At least that was my experience.

  8. Great video Paul, I have been debating about Helium 10. Looks like a solid alternative to not paying nearly 20 dollar a month which is a lot if you are just starting out. Another aspect I like is that they display the ASIN right next to the graph easily to copy.

  9. Yo Paul!
    Yeah, i'm definitely diggin Helium 10
    I was thinking to myself a few weeks back how does Jungle Scout compare to Helium? In particular the paid/ full suite.
    As far a s free tools goes, it blowing many tools out of the water.

    Good stuff as always

  10. Paul! Contact Me would love to get you to Partner with Helium 10 – This was a great video 🙂

  11. I did this a few weeks ago and I sent in my products but I just got told from amazon that a product I put in is being marked for not being authentic??? why is this happening?

  12. I think I like him because he doesn't ramble or talk 100 words per second like another ecommerce youtubers does! lol.. Geez that guy is a pain in the a** to listen to. Like slow the F down boy! We do appreciate you Paul and all this great content! HELIUM 10 WOW! Amazing!

  13. Helium didn't work for me. I downloaded the extension then i went into Amazon and like keepa it showed up on the product page but it didn't load it kept telling me to log in when i already did

  14. got this yesterday, was a pain trying to find a free alternative to keepa as I'm still starting out. going to do OA but can't use this for RA, does not work on smartphones. I did contact their support and they said they're working on getting helium10 to run on smartphones. if this is the case then I'm sticking with helium10 and getting a paid subscription, keepa can suck it! it was free for years? well I wasn't doing RA/OA so that has nothing to do with me, they need some kind of free starter plan or 30 day free trial.

  15. Wow, that's literally jungle scout, keepa and amz calculator all in one!

  16. Love the vids. I got your course. Cant wait to see it.

  17. When I looked into helium 10 earlier (pricing section of website) it looked like they're free account had a lot of limits and appears to be more of a trial of they're service that is $97+/month. Most features had a limit of uses or a time frame of 30 days under the free account. Am I reading this right on the helium 10 website or is it indeed free?

  18. dex

    Paul i see u quiet like the bed bug interceptors (brain storming !) .

  19. I'm glad you finally found Helium 10. I've been looking into it myself over the last few weeks and there is so many benefits to all their tools. Yes please do more videos on this software.

  20. Paul do you have a step by step video about RA sign up for newbie?

  21. Apple fail. Cant handle.

  22. So do you still reccomend coupon sites like Vipon for FBA?

  23. Hey Paul I just purchased your Amazon FBA course, when do I recieve it and how?

  24. You can no longer purchase the $97 Jynglescout chrome extension for life. You now have to pay for it per annum. It changed March 1st. Everyone is now charging us monthly fees now. You may need to make an updated video of how much it costs to get started selling on Amazon.

  25. I was mind blown when I saw a video from Helium 10 showing the review portion of their program. It pulls all the like words/phrases from the reviews and tells you how many times they are used. That invaluable information for optimizing listings. I have the free version, but I will Be upgrading soon. Oh, and they are announcing another feature tomorrow.

  26. Thank you again for sharing such helpful information. I was about to try to purchase the other tools that I really can't afford just yet! Started your course today. You rock, Paul Savage.

  27. Half way through your course, some great info without annoying douche bagginess.

  28. Another super video, with great information. Thanks.

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