Best Facebook Retargeting Ads Strategy For Shopify Dropshipping 2020 | Facebook Ads Ecom Tutorial

Best Facebook Retargeting Ads Strategy For Shopify Dropshipping 2020 | Facebook Ads Ecom Tutorial

In this video I go over my best facebook ads retargeting strategy For Shopify Dropshipping in 2020 which allowed me to make an extra $12,000 on one of my shopify Dropshipping stores.

✅ Notes From The Video –

Retargeting ads are super beneficial and can bring good results if optimized correctly. Retargeting ads are used for all of the people who visited, checked out your product but never purchased it. You can start launching retargeting ads on your dropshipping shopify store soon as you hit around 30-50 purchases captured in your facebook ads manager.

Best custom audience you can create for your retargeting ads are VV95%, VC minus ATC and ATC minus purchase. If your profitable after you scale you can launch everything else while going down the funnel.

The main secret is to launch a bunch of different ad creatives inside your ad campaign and dont turn them off even if they start being unprofitable. This will allow your facebook audience to convert easier through your shopify store. If you want to scale very aggressively then you can duplicate the working ad sets into a new campaign and start raising the budget by %30-%50 and use all types.



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  1. Bro, in the creative part, should i put all the things that you said in one video?

    You know unboxing, testimonials, picture, etc… In one video?

  2. You literally showed everything. Thanks❤

  3. Good after, thanks for the tutorial. I have 3 questions
    1, Do we create a different landing page for retargeting Ads apart from the ones we created for intial Ads for the cold visitor?
    2, Do we use Custom conversion to run for retargeting Ads?
    I will really appreciate if my questions are answered.
    3, how many Ad campaigns can we can for retargeting Ads?
    Thanks alot

  4. When doing $5 a day testing do you still recommend only doing FB & IG feed or automatic placements?

  5. Hey Sagar, so when we retarget the ads with the custom audiences do we still have to add an interest in each ad set?

  6. Sagar youre AWESOME! Please help Im searching way too long, In what video you share your policy strategies again?? Thanks a billion 🙂

  7. this vid about to break the internet

  8. Hello Sagar, Question, when you are making all these multiple dropshipping stores do you make seperate bank accounts for them just incase they get frozen due to any issues, and what do you do when the fullfillment gets overwhelming

  9. Too much heat! 🔥🔥🔥 Do you stack all those creatives in one ad set and dup it for each custom audience?

  10. there isn't a video you make that i don't learn at least one thing from. keep going man!

  11. Thank you, Sagar. Absolutely useful video…

  12. ASR

    Hey Sagar, I'm Angad from India, I'm a 17 year old and I'd love to be mentored by you! I have understood the basics of dropshipping and have watched countless videos on it. I need your help so as to build a successful dropshipping store (I haven't started any dropshipping yet)

  13. This video is really good for facebook dropshing guys, highly recommend to watch completely

  14. What about image add if I get 50 sales on image ad than how to create LLA ??

  15. You are defenatly the best youtuber out there for shopify stores. I'm just waiting everyday for your next video to be up on youtube. Thanks alot for your educational videos!

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  17. This video is awesome, thank you so much man

  18. Hey bro what is your strategy now for CBO as CBO is mandatory now….

  19. This is so True what Sagar said at 24:09. I have never seen any re-targeting video on youtube in which a youtuber actually shows you what re-targeting is and how you can actually re-target your audience them.

    Do you handle all of your facebook ad manager or you have hired some facebook ads expert, to do this for you?

  20. Did you edited the adset to raise the budget or did you duplicated them?

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  25. Amazing value drops once again ..💥⚡…I couldn't make the profit earlier , hope will able to make this time …
    Trying to reach u from days can u pls check ur dm
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  26. Max

    Would be great if you could make a follow up video on some great retargeting ad creatives and examples of creative types that you mentioned

  27. This is such awesome content. How are you people handling the delay in order processing and shipping currently with AliExpress products?

  28. Drop a video about video creatives!

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