Best Facebook Ads Strategies in 2019 with Tim Burd

Best Facebook Ads Strategies in 2019 with Tim Burd

Here are the best Facebook ad strategies with the Godfather of Facebook ads Tim Burd and myself. What do you think about what we discussed? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

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21 Thoughts to “Best Facebook Ads Strategies in 2019 with Tim Burd”

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  2. dude your audio is FUCKING TERRIBLE… good interview though

  3. recharge app for cust loyalty $10 subscription scheme for lifetime15% off
    celeb shoutouts can u keep us updated wen this is ready? ☺

  4. Great content Alex !! Bad audio

  5. hi, Does Anyone know how you can check which interests are in your LLA – today ? it s the trick he is talking about at min 24:30 to 25:30 , but stuff changed in the ads manager and there s no action dropdown anymore!

    Please let me know

  6. Tim is such a fucking legend. I love how he doesn't hold back his advice. He could easily charge thousands or waaay more for the value bombs he drops!

  7. Thank you Alex that was powerful information,By the way,Are you Russian? Thanks

  8. Amazing content! Any advice for "compliant" weight loss ads? 🙂 What type of creatives would work?

  9. so thankful for this video, I thought I was crazy when my CBO's were not doing as well as they should've been, or they did really well for around two days and completely bottomed, I would love to hear any one that has a strategy for CBO scaling, I am not planning on testing with CBO's but that too!

  10. Always great info thanks brother

  11. It was an awesome interview, learned lots of new things. Waiting for more!💪

  12. Please mate make payed course how you start successfull dropshipping bussines

  13. great intreview!! two giants!

  14. great interview. but Alex your audio is awful I hope you will fix it soon because your content is good

  15. Hey Alex, thanks for the video. It would be good if you can get better voice quality. Its a bit hard to hear you. Thanks!

  16. thanks you i love you of morocco

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