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Best Clickbank Affiliate Marketing strategy 2019 – How to Promote clickbank products

Best Clickbank Affiliate Marketing strategy 2019 – How to Promote clickbank products

In this video I have shown you best clickbank affiliate marketing strategy to promote clickbank products. If you want to earn online clickbank affiliate marketing is the best way if you learn it properly.

If you want to earn with affiliate marketing on clickbank it is very important that you do a strategic marketing on clickbank.

You can do it in these steps.

1) Buy best quality solo ads
2) Use a landing page for collecting emails
3) Install retargeting pixel in landing page.
4) Do email marketing to your leads
5) Retarget your high quality traffic using cheap facebook ads.
6) Grow your business on one product.


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About This Video:
This video gives details on how to make money on clickbank for beginners and how to promote clickbank products in 2019 how to promote affiliate marketing products strategy.

The description of this video may contain some affiliate links, it means that if you click on one of those link I’ll receive a little commission. This help to support this channel so that I can keep continue to provide you the best information through my videos. Thanks for you support!


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28 thoughts on “Best Clickbank Affiliate Marketing strategy 2019 – How to Promote clickbank products

  1. fantastic video. I had really learned a lot from this one video. Thank you

  2. Landing page link please ?

  3. Hi Manual where do I go to download the landing page can you send me the link please

  4. hi there for some reason i don't the landing page on the descr. can you please send me the link zitro76@yahoo.com

  5. Click Bank works in Saudi Arabia?

  6. Great material.
    We belong to same country. Any way to get connected or to have direct conversation with you?
    Will be awaiting for your response.

  7. postingsinternational.com is the best, you can submit unlimited ads receive unlimited clicks and no sign up fee, or upfront cost for the ad submissions, theyre all free

  8. Awww and awww and awww and awww and awwww

  9. how do you know if a visitor bought a clickbank product or not?

  10. I have a question… lets say you just put your affiliate clickbank link out there without any email capture or retargeting, and a potential customer just clicks the ad but he don't buys immediately. So he decides to buy a month after he saw your link,but he doesn't find your link and instead he types the name of the product on google because he remember it.then he buys from that. Does that mean that you are getting 0 commission , even thou you gave them the traffic ?

  11. Great video! One question, where do you reside?

  12. Hi Ahmad, I've signed up for udimi through your affiliate link but cannot message you through udimi as I have not purchased any solo ads yet. However, I'm ready to do so and I just need to clarify some things about udimi before I purchase. And Thank you for giving this opportunity for me to learn from you.
    The first question is that Since, I'm in the "health & fitness" and "make money online" niche, What's the best appropriate traffic do udimi solo ads cater to? Health & Fitness or make money online?
    My second question is will I get quality traffic from udimi to promote clickbank products specifically in India?

  13. Thank you so very much. Continue your good works.

  14. Very informative, so much information.

  15. استاذ احمد
    هل لديك اي كورس باللغة العربية عن الافلييت كليك بانك او jvzoo

  16. Hi…can you suggest what are some free ways to promote cb affiliate links?

  17. Hey brother, can you please create your landing pages in BUILDERALL? its cheaper so some of us who cannot afford CLICKFUNNELS can easily download into it to use

  18. I am promoting 3 clickbank products but so far no single sale.

  19. FB not approved the weight loss ads

  20. hi guys has anyone done this?can they walk me threw it or what type of money have they made?cheers.

  21. By far I think the best video I’ve seen that’s straight to the point. Thank you. Keep up the great work!

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