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Best Buy Black Friday Deals for Retail Arbitrage, Personal Use, and What to Avoid.

Best Buy Black Friday Deals for Retail Arbitrage, Personal Use, and What to Avoid.

Let me know if you like videos like this and I will make more for finding deals at places like Walmart, Ollies, Staples, Meijer, etc…

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12 thoughts on “Best Buy Black Friday Deals for Retail Arbitrage, Personal Use, and What to Avoid.

  1. Not being a shit head, but that mess behind you is making me anxious. ?

  2. Their are Ppl who BUY NEW TV EVERY YEAR??!!??

  3. Is it worth it to sell on ebay only because I think i screwed myself for life with amazon due to not replying to a buyers question or something petty like that

  4. i sell ldyson, was auto ungate

  5. Famous broadcast sign-offs "And that's the way it is Nov 27 2019", "Good night and good luck."

    “Good night, Ms. Calabash, wherever you are.” "Stay classy San Diego", "bbdddd bbbddd that's all folks!" "Don't be a sh*thead"

  6. Happy Thanksgiving. Good buying tips. Keep up the good work. See you next video.

  7. The door busters are in "limited" supply and the resellers go in and buy up the stores. Black Friday isn't today what it was yesteryear.

  8. Thanks for the video, Im not doing much black friday shopping this year except what I can get while I am on my couch

  9. This is a great video thanks and happy Thanksgiving.????????

  10. What good is Ollies I have one been in there once don't really now anything about the store.

  11. black friday started here a few years back. it was crazy at the start. people getting trampled and everything … and we don't even have thanksgiving … it's nuts … they had to bring in a 2-3 week run up to black friday now … only thing is thought … all the prices are the same as a month ago .. pure scams .. they did a survey last year and found you are better to wait till closer to xmas cause the companies get desperate the closer we get to the 25th .. but to each their own i guess

  12. I really like videos like this.

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