Behind The Scenes of How I do my Facebook Ads

Behind The Scenes of How I do my Facebook Ads

In this video I am going to share all real numbers and behind the scenes of how I do my Facebook ads.

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Top Takeaways For Facebook Ads:
✅ Setup and organization
✅ Optimization around goal
✅ Collecting data then cutting low performers
✅ Prospecting and remarketing
✅ Using Google Analytics (Behavior – Sites Content – All Pages) pageviews and time on page


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11 Thoughts to “Behind The Scenes of How I do my Facebook Ads”

  1. Hey sir one video for theme
    Best plugin and theme just 99rs only best for beganar

  2. You shouldn't just scale a campaign from $50/d to $100/d in one fell swoop 🙂 Max 20-30% bumps over time. Preferably automated around your max CPA.

  3. This is so great guys. As someone just getting in to running ads for my company its amazing to see real time results in real time to go off of

  4. I'm glad ads are down. I just launched my saas business, so this is great news 🙂

  5. Even more juicy updates for this week as we expand targeting and increase budgets 🙂

  6. Content like this is the best. Great job guys.

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