Be the One That Starts the Process

Be the One That Starts the Process

Traditions or tendencies in your family that have been going on for multiple generations are a difficult pattern to break but if they are impacting you negatively you need to put it on yourself to correct the course for not just yourself, but everyone else in your family.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the Chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications parent company, as well as the CEO and Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations.

Gary is a venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times bestselling author, and an early investor in companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo and Uber. He is currently the subject of DailyVee, an online documentary series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO and public figure in today’s digital world. He is also the host of #AskGaryVee, a business and advice Q&A show online.

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22 Thoughts to “Be the One That Starts the Process”

  1. You gotta be the one who changes what you complain about 💯

  2. Lol on Gary NOT wearing the rag, and dad wearing the rag!

  3. How can i Text him ? I live in Germany and tried the american code nur it didnt work. Is he Connected with Whatsapp of can you just Send him an sms?

  4. God and my Ancestors blessed me with my gifts, but family/ friends are not happy anything I do in life. Keep up the good work, Mr. Gary!

  5. Gury is lucky because he works hard and smart. That's why he is a lucky guy. If you don't agree with your paretns that they tell them that they're wrong.

  6. love this clip, short & straight to the point! being the person who breaks the chain, you will experience a lot of push back/negativity, but it makes the biggest difference if you truly believe in it and follow through

  7. You dont have to be exactly like your parents. You are YOU. Be unique 😁 Hope everyone has an AMAZING 2020!

  8. I'll show a counter intuitive perspective. In the Indian culture, love is assumed. You don't need to say it, it is expressed by action. Emotionally, the palette that Indian people play with is a different thing than typical white America. Its not better or worse, in my opinion, just different.

    This used to be a pain point for me, growing up in the US, but I have grown out of it. I used to compare myself to my white friends, but I have stopped. I think this is a symptom of an inferiority complex that I see in a lot of Indian Americans. Again, this is just my opinion

  9. “Fight to start the process” – Gary the G.O.A.T 🐐

  10. YES! Start the new trend! Break the family curse! Re-write the future of your family tree!

  11. I'm the one that started my YouTube channel 10 months ago and I'm still going! Keep it up guys!

  12. Hey you reading this, you're awesome and you're going to do some great things if you only try hard enough. Break the chain of hate online and in real life and let's build a better world. We all have rough days, weeks, months, even years but it's no excuse to try to make others hurt like you do. You're awesome and I believe in you even if you don't believe in yourself currently.

    Best of luck, but you got this.

  13. Yes!!! Gary always on point.

  14. Even if you have to say goodbye, to get away from the toxicity lifestyle they live.

  15. This totally applies to my family. It wasn't the lack of words, but it was rather the lacking feeling of empathy within our household. Nobody really cared how someone else felt, because they couldn't really feel themselves. They only cared about outcomes, outcomes, the short-term that is revered in business as bottom line or number of followers on social media. I am now learning to be self-aware and being more empathetic to myself so I can do the same for my family. Breaking the chain !

  16. My wife is Chinese. Her family doesn't say I love you or hug. But they show their love in commitment and service to each other.

  17. What Ive learned from tryng is anyone can be successful. There is an abundance of opportunity. Pick a method and get into the process.

  18. “Fight to be the one that starts the process. Take the responsibility to break the chains.” What i love most about your advises Gary, is that you are Family-centered, First and foremost! Thank you for your example:)

  19. Be the one that changes your family tree ! Don’t wait for someone else man ! I keep trying to teach this on my YouTube channel too 👍🔥💰

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