Avoid The Trap of Materialism If You Want To Succeed In LIFE – Gary Vaynerchuk | Motivational Talk

Avoid The Trap of Materialism If You Want To Succeed In LIFE - Gary Vaynerchuk | Motivational Talk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 5 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 4-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Avoid The Trap of Materialism If You Want To Succeed In LIFE – Gary Vaynerchuk | Motivational Talk


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My name is Amir, Im a video editor who is a huge fan of garyvee and his message.
I create short motivational videos using bites from Gary’s lecture,interviews,Q&A and rants(I have permission from Gary and his team).
I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I enjoy making them.

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37 Thoughts to “Avoid The Trap of Materialism If You Want To Succeed In LIFE – Gary Vaynerchuk | Motivational Talk”

  1. Yes we have a massive IPO bubble that is only kept afloat by artificially cheap money flowing into these failed, profitless companies (think WeWork, Uber)

  2. My younger brother told me about you. Your spot on.

  3. Chase the experiences not the materials

  4. I can't express how true this entire segment is. When it comes to parenting, I seriously believe a lot of parents should go through some type of parenting training so they know what and how to teach their kids. In my personal experience, my parents already had the knowledge about a lot of things, but they lacked the teaching skills in order to transfer that knowledge to me, and they were also selfish. As expected, I had to learn the most valuable lessons on my own.


  6. I like buying my cool stuff plain and simple!!!

  7. Avoid current America. Narcissism is at an all time high and Sadly the quite the majority of 20 somethings today are influenced by get rich quick schemes and how I bought my Lambo and 4,500 soft home blog. lol it's everywhere.

  8. Seems to me raising capital is synonymous with taking on debt. It’s like buying a $2M house with $1.5M mortgage and thinking/presenting yourself as a millionaire. Never made sense to me.

  9. the world would be better without the internet i know you thrive in that world but it is root of all evil

  10. M J

    Kids can be given ridiculous Sallie Mae loans at 18 but aren't taught a lick about finances in grade school lol this country is so backwards.

  11. I give my parents money. They don't ask for it but I force them to take the cash. They're so sweet & full of pride. I am 33 years old.

  12. I don't care about saturn!.. people don't know how to pay their taxes!!!!… well said

  13. M G

    Consumerism is destroying our nation.

  14. This guys is the voice of reason and pure common sense and intelligence. He is a God send for our moderm shallow /sick world. Thanks to God for his voice and presence in our planet.

  15. Just Awesome Gary. Great health and being blessed with that is great. Everything else is optional.

  16. "the whole system is fundamentally broken" our education system in a nutshell.

  17. About teaching are kid's. I will give my input … For starters the evil left baby murdering party . Wants socialism. So the evil left works with United Nations to bring in evil common core. It's to dumb down America research it. The left pushes climate change. Which is really about agenda 21. They should teach about socialism in are schools but it won't happen… Gary vee God bless you. Are country is in spiritual warfare. People like you are successful for now but the left want transfer the wealth to globalization. And that is of Evil just as the left is.

  18. I'm a single mother always teaching my 8 year old son about money. He pays for any games he downloads, wants to use his own money to buy his friends their birthday presents and then wants to scan them at self check out on his own. Hes paid for my coffee many times, and also tells me if I need money for coffee to just go ahead and take it. I'm blessed 🙏❤

  19. when are u coming to Israel ?all what u say is so relevant

  20. i'm totally ok when gary say lot of people have kids just for show …., it's fucking sad for these kids…..

  21. HUGE believer in Empathy and Self Awareness, I preach this ALL.THE.TIME! We could have been related, no joke!

  22. i think particulary in france people cry for lot of things (me also haha) but what is shit is to found a kind of confort in this because people care when people cry ,but it's fucking toxic cause it's not , everyone know why it's toxic , i'm happy pass over this shit now, curious to see still where i can go ^^

  23. I grew up not well off, and still not and I'm 21. I only am given money on my bday and christmas. IDK why because I tell my family every year that i know times are rough and I'm just glad for what I have. But I'm grateful for being brought up poor. Your mindset changes a lot when, but it's different for me

    In hs I fell for the trap of " I should focus on getting good grades instead of working and making friends, and you'll become successful" yeeaahh. Didn't go so well. Fell into deep depression for 2 years. I then worked at my uncle's work as a dishwasher which sucked ass. treated me like shit. And now I'm learning code as front end web dev. It's not what i want to do as career career like all my life but it'll get things started (would I like to make 100k+ all my life hell yeah, but my mind is focused, okay, gotta get me a car, get me a small house or apartment, out of this shitty state (Arizona), start transitioning (i'm trans mtf), then we'll take it from there)

    As growing up poor/ not well off, your, your mind changes. It'll change to survival mode. It changes from what makes me popular material wise to what do i need. What career will help me jump start my ass and get me out of this shithhole.

    I'm not focused on material wants, I'm focused on material needs. I could buy a Mustang but I'd rather have a cheap, dependable Honda or Toyota. Both great types of cars. Won't break the bank. And if it breaks down, you won't have to pay a arm and leg to repair it

    And i agree, instead of learning useless skills and science, we need to teach more about life. Space is cool, but lets keep it brief because i do think it's important. Or else we're going to have a lot of flat earthers and idiots.

    But we do need to learn about taxes, how to do bills, etc. Instead of learning advanced calculus

  24. This guy is a gem. What he says is absolutely true..💯

  25. Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best because of you’re free advice and knowledge I started my own podcast on YouTube about comedy and it amazing 😉
    Happy holidays 🎄⭐️🎄⭐️🎄⭐️🎄⭐️🎄

  26. Hey dude, Just wanted to say I appreciate you and I hope you get your football team! I'll be here watching and learning!

  27. Happy holidays Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best 🎄⭐️🎄⭐️🎄⭐️🎄⭐️🎄

  28. Since I was a kid I promised myself I will change the school system so we can actually learn what we need in life. It's actually amazing how we as adults never care enough to change stuff for our kids.

  29. Take care of your kids by teaching them to be happy, not rich. Kids overthink about money because they know that they can buy games or other enjoyable stuff. Explain to them that the real value books, not games.

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