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31 thoughts on “[Avoid Getting FLAGGED] eBay Dropshipping 2020 | What Software CAN YOU USE!

  1. Hope you enjoyed this video! As Always please leave your comments down below I will be sure to get to everyone πŸ™‚ Also please follow my new Instagram Page where I will be posting nothing but dropshipping related video content and answering all of your DMs!
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  2. Just an update on flagged accounts. I got unflagged a week ago after disconnecting all api 6 weeks ago and going manual. Got my TRS back and accounts back to normal. If your patient everything will be fine

  3. Hi Tom, I mainly sell physical goods are my store and I drop ship occasional a few products from amazon will i get flagged because of that?

  4. Get flagged with DSTitan too?

  5. Hmm I've still used DSMTool for the template I made and pull the description. Usually I will post and then remove from the monitor. Any reason to request a limit increase if your nowhere near it? My limit is 500 items and $15k per month. The account was opened in 1999.

  6. Damn, I saw this video 2 days too late. I've been flagged. Had 3 listings removed due to the wording in the title referencing a name brand, and was told that if want to ds from Wal-Mart I need to get something in writting from Wal-Mart saying that it's ok to ds from there. Ebay said they will put it in their file so I don't get hit again. Have you heard of this happening, or should I just start a new account?

  7. Just happened to me yesterday after almost 5 years of dropshipping.

  8. Hey tom I’ve been drop shipping for a month now and I got this email in Australia


    We’ve determined that you haven’t followed our selling practices – drop shipping policy.

    There is evidence on your account that you are purchasing items from an online retail or marketplace site after you sell the item on eBay and having that retailer ship the item directly to the customer. While in violation of this policy, the account will not be eligible for the Top Rated program until it is in compliance.

  9. so with this you are top seller without problem?

  10. Thank you for the video!
    Btw I have been wondering about the obscure retailers for a while, do you find a general supplier like Walmart or do you find a supplier specialized in the profitable niche you have determined either through selling experiences or tools ?

  11. Great Video Tom, solid information shared, and may have to try using Skugrid soon. Tried my first repricing software with Auto DS's non API version for $1 trial and was going ok but was a limited to the suppliers the cover. Gotta go with Skugrid.

  12. How to avoid ebay flag in 2020: Close your eBay account and start selling on Amazon πŸ˜…

  13. Thank you Tom for all the information, I really learned so much from you.
    I'm starting a new stealth account, do I need vpn/proxy or just work on the same ip from another computer?
    Do you recommend using multi login?

  14. Hi Tom, I buy shoes from a website then I sell them for a profit.. will that work? I never wear the shoes myself, I know you mentioned retail arbitrage

  15. Do you recommend using the Tokens/file exchange or Chrome Extension with SkuGrid. I have 3 ebay stores.

  16. How many Ebay accounts do you have?

  17. Thanks for the video Tom. I agree that SKU Grid is by far the best option. Although it can be complicated at the beginning, it works great after you setup properly. I have started testing working with a VA to help me list items using SKU Fetch. From what I see it looks that the only way for a VA to use SKU Fetch to list without having direct access to your ebay acct is through remote chrome which costs $20 a month. Can you comment on this or share what other available methods are there?

  18. Hi can i use Walmart for dropshipping and Home Depot?

  19. nice background music ✊🏾Dj Tom

  20. slowly mastering your technique Tom. question to you, Is there a less chance to be flagged if you list items in only one category (i.e., Auto or Home appliances) than listing all these random items from all different categories that you handpicked for a reason? and Do you recommend that single category method at all? I guess there will be less profit, but if it is safer that way, maybe I can go that route.

  21. Hey ecom Tom I just got myself ski grid but I’m stuck on what repricing options to use on eBay am I better of just doing file exchange I see chrome extension but I don’t leave my computer on all the time for it to work what should I go ?

  22. People gotta stop using Amazon Prime as a supplier. Sound like a broken record but I can't believe how many people still do it

  23. Hi Tom, I see u're always talk about obscure suppliers but u didn't share the methods about how to find those suppliers, maybe a step by step video here in ur channel cuz people who bought ur course they already have a private supplier list to dropship from
    Thanks in advance.

  24. Is there a way to fully automatic your eBay dropshipping store

  25. Great video!! I am currently using autods and I got flagged. I was wondering if it will help using their none api option. Thanks

  26. Not all non-API software are treated equally though, it seems. Because for whatever reason, a lot of the people that were getting flagged were AutoDS non-API users. And not all of them were using Amazon either, so maybe something within AutoDS itself got its users flagged. But who knows for sure?

  27. an also auto ds has non api software now. why not use it if it offers the same thing that sku grid does?

  28. how do I get into your Facebook group?

  29. What retailers do you recommend to use other than amazon?

  30. Which supplier would you recommend

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