#AskGaryVee 319 | Lamoureux Twins

#AskGaryVee 319 | Lamoureux Twins

On this episode, Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux, better known as the Lamoureux Twins, stopped by. For those of you who don’t know, Monique and Jocelyn scored the game-tying and game-winning goals in the 2018 Winter Olympics to help the US Women’s National Ice Hockey team clinch the gold medal.

They talked growing up in a sports family, the new foundation they just launched the greatest athletes in American history and a whole lot about parenting. Hope you enjoy this episode and if you have any questions for us make sure to tweet @garyvee & @lamoureuxtwins


2:20 | Classic funny boy stories from hockey
5:00 | Lamoureux Twins’ favorite sport other than hockey
9:00 | Entrepreneurship wasn’t cool
14:00 | The New Foundation they launched
16:00 | Sixth Grade Story with Justin
17:10 | Kindness is underrated
18:00 | Biggest fight they got into
20:45 | Gary doesn’t want to play sports anymore
23:00 | Best players they have played against
24:00 | Emerging team in the hockey world
26:00 | The greatest athletes in American history create their brand
36:00 | Ryan’s Question: How to build confidence in your kids and keep them unique 🙂
39:30 | Building confidence through optimism
43:50 | Gary’s parenting advice, but you do you as a parent
45:15 | Maybe the only advice Gary believes in the most
46:30 | Best way to take out delusion from a kid’s life
49:00 | Not listening to your coach and subtlety of it

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VaynerX, also includes Gallery Media Group, which houses women’s lifestyle brand PureWow and men’s lifestyle brand ONE37pm. In addition to running VaynerMedia, Gary also serves as a partner in the athlete representation agency VaynerSports, cannabis-focused branding and marketing agency Green Street and restaurant reservations app Resy. Gary is a board/advisory member of Ad Council and Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water.

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46 Thoughts to “#AskGaryVee 319 | Lamoureux Twins”

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  2. I absolutely oppose the 8th place trophy culture and mindset, but telling your kid that he'll never dunk is fucked up man. First, you have no idea how tall he'll grow. Genetics don't always dictate someone's height, certainly not at such a young age. Second, all you're doing here is shooting down a kid's dream for YOUR selfish reasons. Learning he won't be able to dunk because he's not tall enough is something he will learn (or not) when he reaches his peak growth. But now he'll have a chip on his shoulder because of you. And for what? So you can satisfy your own ego and have some content for your next book? Gary, I know you don't actually read these comments, but you need to tone down your ego and narcissism. Straight up. It's out of control at this point. You shut your own kids down, you interrupt your guests, you make EVERYTHING revolve around you, this is far beyond the scope of self promotion, it is a mental illness you need to treat.

  3. I swear am always motivated listening to this show and i promise myself i will get up from my shitty coach but it never happens.I am sad that i am just sitting on my potential.I also think am reading on the fact that youngers are saying that there are no jobs and applying for a job is a job(weird….i know.)

  4. Love love love love love this!!!! 🙂 <3

  5. Please remaster the sound for the twins, Thx

  6. o.k. NEVER, EVER heard the words "that wa a great fall" or " Boo BOO" out of my parents mouth…EVER!!! This takes more than a few sentences in comments to discuss further….but just glad THE V commented on it as well.

  7. @27:45 This point is exactly what I think! This point is dead-on-balls TRUE! period.

  8. side note and not relevant, but I always am looking around to gather the 411, but the Safe behind/inbetween the twins, is so curious to me. I know, why?? but it's how I am, hahaha

  9. They would’ve been soccer stars too 😎🙌

  10. Garyvee is the MANNN, I'm very much inspired by him, and inspired to create my own YouTube channel, I need some feedback, just hit subscribe and keep supporting

  11. Kyrie can barely dunk. Your boy might be the next Kyrie lol.

  12. Gary V: "In 2 years this video will have been watched 100's and 100's and 100's of thousands of times…"

    Let's have some random fun based on this! …So it has been 1 day and we have 13,000+ views.

    -To quickly and conservatively estimate, let's just assume around 10,000 views daily x 365 = 3,650,000 views

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  14. I think that women's pro sports needs to look at what Paul Rabil and the Premier Lacrosse League are doing in taking the future of their sport on their back, using social media, and trying to create a league for the players by creating a league by the players.

  15. Gary's takes on parenting are always interesting. Funny to hear his family dynamic, and how he doesn't talk shit to his wife cause he knows she's the one 24/7 with the kids and has the context.

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  21. I love how they look at each other when talking 😃

  22. Gary vee is the man. I love the fact he runs a $200m company and still go out thrifting! I am trying to do a challenge this year to see how much money I can make from flipping in 12 months. so far we have built up around £230,000 in stock all from zero and it thanks to inspiration from other and the want to prove that it can be done that has pushed me to achieve those results around my other business interests

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  25. Soo I’m wondering if girls fight in hockey as much as guys do?🤔

  26. Make all three microphone the same level volume. Add some compression. Check the input levels. Listening to the ladys talk you turn it up then when Gary talks it much louder. I'll come by for free and help out if needed.

  27. Great interview. I'm a new sub. Looking to learn and also grow my stocks portfolio on my channel.

  28. Wow thank you so much Gary! Your videos always inspire to keep going and really push yourself in all aspects of your life! I am even going to start double uploading everyday because of watching your videos, I really love to see the progress made when the effort is truly put into your craft!

  29. #QOTD :: The FIFA womens football world cup finally hit a new gear by not being men's football, different style, different pace endless different marketing ops.

     The absolute worst thing the women's game could do is follow and try emulating the men's game /follow uber-degenerate-greed or we'll end up with matching twin robo-nazi-dolls/cards targeted at the poor 'basement uncles' of trump's flat earth !

    When the focus should be on breaking more stigmas for and around women community from a more feminie perspective ! [Gary should coach all women teams! lol ] e.g. Jewish/Muslim/Small Stature?/Disabled/.. 3rd gen albino Americans ??? … peroxide/anorexic brain damage/ evil-twin-disorder-syndrome ?! 😛 … plenty of problems to solve…

    My Father/Family/Ex /Friends played for a National Teams, so I've an idea how amazing & parallelly proactive the right positive focus can go & achieve back in normal everyday life!

    [ ICE ] Hockey Obviously >>>>> The most relevant / none bandwagon where women are leading the push >>>>> #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency

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  31. Why is so small amount of spectators from 2.2 millions plus The podcast is awesome and The host is even better?

  32. Woe… finally some confirmation that India is still alive 17:20

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  34. #QOTD I think Womens sports need better representation and promotion before they can make the leap. Also, super stars that can energize a base and bring in new participants.

  35. Those twins are really beautiful ……May the lord protect them .Mohammad from Syria .Love you Gary.

  36. thanks GARY VEEEEEE for your inspiration because of you i started my own podcast NO BS WITH SB thanks #askgaryvee

  37. Absolutely Glorious that you got the Lamoureux Twins Gary! Saw them in Fargo at a Ted event and they are absolutely inspiring. Wow, almost tearing up listening to you talk about inviting Justin to sit with you girls – those are the most powerful moments on the planet. P.S. were you talking to INDIA!? My all-time favorite Gary moments was when India was on more and you talked about if you were an Artist like India you would dominate and how you would market yourself if you were a (visual) artist. P.S.S bring India back! I want to hear about her art & what she's doing these days!

  38. thanks GARY VEEEEEE for your inspiration because of you i started my own podcast thanks #askgaryvee

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  41. Got me watching hockey highlight videos today! 🌱✌

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