AOC Inspires Man To Run False Facebook Ads Testing Mark Zuckerberg | NowThis

AOC Inspires Man To Run False Facebook Ads Testing Mark Zuckerberg | NowThis

Mark Zuckerberg told Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) that false political ads about Republicans are allowed on Facebook — so this man already took up the challenge.
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In US news and current events today, this California man is challenging Facebook to remove his lying political ads. If you saw the Facebook Libra hearing featuring the AOC Zuckerberg full video moment, you know that AOC asked if she could run a Facebook ad claiming Republicans supported the Green New Deal. After the Zuckerberg hearing her question is being put to the test. This new Facebook political ad claims Lindsey Graham supports the Green New Deal. What happens next will display how Republicans vs. Democrats are treated on the social media platform.

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29 Thoughts to “AOC Inspires Man To Run False Facebook Ads Testing Mark Zuckerberg | NowThis”

  1. Come on Dude please don't keep doing these? I am afraid that my rePUBLICON family will start coming back around again!

  2. This is an American Hero we have here

  3. Zuckerberg will not block lying ads from trump because they are friends, what a suprise

  4. Maybe many people don't know it, don't remember and/or forgot that a republican from texas who admitted to learned how to do exactly what this video speaks of them being able to do, and how he got hired by trump's campaign organization after claiming he said he learned from others (best web designers) at making website, got paid for distorting the truth and entering them on fakebook to targeting whole sections of the American public to fool them with plenty of prapoganda Lies stating how because of these people (shown on fake web designs doing certain made-up things), you too should also vote for trump, and also put many lies against all other rival candidates so to win many undecided voters and then these same republicans go on to blame other country's for the hacking and making these misleading "disinformation" on 'fakebook' , and finally claiming that it was all done by the Russians; but now since they got caught (with president doing all he's done criminally) they are now trying to say & shift blame to the Ukainians (as supposedly said by Russians) …and now these same crooked/currupt politicians continue with their lies even to the present days?!
    Still trying to manipulate and "rig" the next 2020 elections, besides their "Gerrymandering techiques" being still used to dis-suade the peoples of color votes by re-zoning crooked methods across cities in different states acroos this country; And all is suppose to be all good and legal (but really isn't) and going as far as still altering/changing "unconstitutionally" county and state voting laws to suit their own currupt political interest!
    And all the while, just as trump does, denying all ever happening!
    Simply a Criminal bunch of stoogies!

  5. Facebook, the greatest scam on America since democrats

  6. If or when I can afford to support his campaign, I'd go all in!

  7. good video, turn off the music, it's annoying

  8. I guess this guy thinks that republicans and independents are as stupid as democrats to believe such lies in an ad. The only people that are going to believe those ads are brainwashed democrats who don’t have the brain capacity to think for themselves.

  9. Good Democrats need to take the Republicans approach start running ads about how Zuckerberg and Trump met and had dinner oh wait that's a true fact.

  10. Zucker is gonna get hit by karma. 🔯 big time, poor punk 😅

  11. This is actually brilliant; if people only care about optics in life, give it to them.

  12. If you get your ads & information from Facebook you shouldn’t be able to vote. Lazy Americans.

  13. It's no surprise that 👽 looking suckerberg met with trumpf secretly!!!!

  14. Do it!! Run fake ads targeting republicans that the GOP is supporting Dem ideals!!! It is the only way to fight back on this type of misinformation.

  15. Take their lies and use it against them… That's how you beat them

  16. If you believe what is said in political ads, you are really dumb.

  17. I'm sure Miss Lindsey will get a kick out of this.

  18. I love how fb won't take down lies from politicians but if i misstype face palm as face plan the take it down as spam on my cousins page

  19. The disinformation wars have officially begun

  20. So what do you stand for, baldhead?!

  21. Ironically, maybe it would inspire conservatives to believe climate change. Many believe alot of crazy thing already by the same means(only in earnest) already.

  22. I was looking to see if he put the ad up again, but then realized I won't see it as I have a college degree.

  23. That was actually a really good ad

  24. Facebook should be shut down and Mark Zuckerberg sentenced to life behind Bars you ALL know, that scumbag went to a Dinner in the white House right after his last testemony discuss behind close doors with Trump how he could help Trump winning 2020 ..How much he is getting paid…? well ..Mark Zuckerberg is just another "prostitute " of Trumps…so lets say he will get the excact hush deal as Stormy Daniels … !!!! But if we succeed ..getting scumbag Zuckerberg behind bars and close down Facebook, we should have much better chances of getting rid of Article 13 as well !!!

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