Answering Any and Every Question While Stuck Inside | Tea With GaryVee

Answering Any and Every Question While Stuck Inside | Tea With GaryVee

The great thing about being quarantined is Gary has more time to do the thing he does best, answers all of your questions! On “Tea With GaryVee”, Gary video calls random people live and answers whatever is on their mind… it can be anything! Questions range from business advice, work-life balance, dealing with coronavirus and more! Watch till the end because you never know which caller might have the same exact question that’s on your mind

If you want to be on the show, text Gary at 1-212-931-5731 with your question and #TeaWithGaryvee!


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25 Thoughts to “Answering Any and Every Question While Stuck Inside | Tea With GaryVee”

  1. GaryVee is one of the reasons I started chasing my dreams. I started making motivational videos awhile ago, but I almost gave up because of my insecurities and self doubt. After following GaryVee on all social media platforms for awhile, I decided to keep going because he taught me I only get one shot at life, so why not live it the best I can while I am able to!

  2. I'm a new WineText customer, thanks for everything.

  3. Dustin's a good guy 👍

  4. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, needs to be the playbook for everyone in everyday life!

    I have way to many people around me that will ask and take but never give!

  5. Hahahah I kind of knew he doesn't like being called "Mr. Vaynerchuk"

  6. Thank you Gary Vee! and your one of the reasons I have started building my social media platform. Keep doing your thing!🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️❤️

  7. I really hope you do continue this format after covid. This has been my favorite content by far.

  8. Alex Le I work in a Youth Center of Boys & Girls. Do you have any youtubes a 9-12 yr old dude can check out !

  9. I can't wait for the dropshipping thing you're announcing next week

  10. Always Energy in Tea with Garyvee! Thank you Gary!

  11. Love the creativity and compassion piece Gary at the end!

  12. Shitty jobs are best for learning, like I worked in food wharehouses as basic employee that I would understand the expanses and figure out how to do things better, and see whats the actual price so that I could compare then with store price and understand how much I could earn. I worked in company where they wash plastic boxes and in thoes boxes there are reports from the orders where I can see the actual price before shops put their %, for some its just trash for me its pricles info.

  13. If you thinking about timing in your show tea with Garyvee the best is to leave it in the mornings, because then people are just woke up havent start to think about other their problems so they can focus way much better, and you save some time listening of their problems so then for you its easyer to explain that there is no problem, that they already know what to do, they just procrastinaiting.

  14. In buisness there is no such thing as 100% because there is too many things that could go wrong, but at the same time can go right. Its about learning to get used to change. Actually failing in something is even better than being succesful. When you faill you learn a lesson but when you are right sometimes your ego gets to high and you want to go all in and then you could lose everything.

  15. BEST CONTENT YOU EVER PUT OUT!!!!!!!! its EPIC you have a GIFT! thank you so much!! so grateful for this !!!!!!

  16. hi Gary, thank you so much por creating this kind of content. We are a language school, and we encourage our students to watch your videos. God bless you

  17. my god that first bitch was so disgusting, her name is even feminist. fuck people like this. gary sees right through it and still stays composed i have no idea how he stays composed. its like he pretends someone else is in front of him

  18. Indeed this is one of the best content types from Gary! Thanks once again for the inspiration! I also tried to participate in the All-in challenge but i had the same problem – it says no delivery outside the US.

  19. Yo where's Tea with DROCK? who's this guy? Not DRock…

  20. HELL YES to continuing this after COVID19. This is changing lives, mine included. Thanks Gary!!!

  21. Man I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for this video. Because of you has BEEN BLOWING UP. I owe you everything brother thank you so much for the help 👏

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