Another Day in Our Lives | WahlieTV EP748

Another Day in Our Lives | WahlieTV EP748

Another cozy home vlog! Garden updates, walking the doggies & a good scary movie to watch! Get an extra 30% off your first thredUP order with my code WEYLIE30: (Applies to new US & Canada customers only. Applies to items under $150. Redeemable online only. Offer expires 5/31/20). This video is kindly sponsored by thredUP!
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23 Thoughts to “Another Day in Our Lives | WahlieTV EP748”

  1. Remember to use code WEYLIE30 for an extra 30% off your first thredUP order!

  2. A A

    Weylie you lost way too much weight & + your bangs dont really suit you… I really liked it better when you gained a lil bit of weight and didnt have those bangs ! u look 10 years older

  3. DREAM ANALYSIS – you dont feel like you have been robbed of anything in your life lately (freedom, money, food, etc) but you recognize that others have been robbed of those things. you feel like you might get robbed of certain things in the future and you feel disbelief that all of these things are happening in the world, as its so out of the ordinary. By grabbing the tote bag you are restoring what the bandits took from others, to try to restore balance because you want others in the world who are suffering to be freed from whats bringing them down.

  4. you definitely should paint the wall in the back yard!

  5. Been watching all these vlogs thinkin I miss your main channel videos girl:( Whats ur quarantine schedule or morning routine? What have you been wearing at home? How you been girl?<3

  6. try growing vines along the back wall!!

  7. Weylie have you been playing anything else than Animal Crossing? have you check up the Nintendo eShop for more games? i have Switch 2019 version and i love it, i have few games physically but also downloaded ones 🙂 if you find some good ones do video about fun games maybe? or show how many board/card games you two have! those are fun to watch as you do game-night :). also cooking is nice to see, and i am happy that even time like this you find atleast something to do =). oh! or supplies what you use nowadays in journal things =). love you both and doggos! <3

  8. You can do couple work out with Wah to kill time!!

  9. An animal crossing island tour! <3

  10. haven’t watched y’all for a couple years & lately i’ve been feeling really down & lost when i came across an ig post by weylie. just started watching wahlietv again & it feels like i’m coming home 🙂

  11. I still tie my hair up in the bun that way and always wondered how I started doing it and now I do! 😄😄

  12. watching you talking about your backyard looks just like animal crossing in the real world!

  13. I still use your method to do a messy bun! (well, when my hair is grown out anyway) :DD <3

  14. can you show us your compost update?

  15. Oooh Wah you are definitely not alone in having weird dreams during this period😅 My SO is having multiple of these dreams in one ☝️ night. Guess who gets to listen to them every time he wakes up from those dreams🤦‍♀️ Funny thing is that his dreams mostly contain some snippets of our day; the show/movie we watched, the games he played or the conversations he had for the day.

  16. That Panda Express apron 😂😂 is work at Panda Express and have been using the apron around the house as well!😂😂 I remember the red hair messy bun video. I was in the 5th grade when I watched that video and now I’m a senior. Watching the video I thought weylie was so ghetto and sassy 😭😭

  17. i watch your videos both on your main channel and this one when i rly need to feel better so ty

  18. Potential video idea!
    I watched a YouTuber Lindsey Rae's "LETTING RESTAURANTS PICK MY TAKEOUT ORDERS" where she and her boyfriend get all their food from takeout from family businesses/mom & pop shops to support them during this difficult time. I think it's great that she's not only shining a light and hopefully boosting customer sales to these places who are surviving off of takeout orders but also making a purchase herself. I think it'd be fun and helpful to small businesses for you both to try this idea out 🙂

  19. !!! How did Navi become chill with you cutting her nails? My dog has made it impossible for us to do it at home 😭 even when I use the same voice you use… (that’s like my baseline voice for when I talk to him though 😂)

  20. Weylie I found your channel because of your messy bun tutorial back in the day 🥺

  21. In a world of influencers that sport brands most people can't afford, its so nice to see your hauls from places like threadup. And a coupon code?? Gurll 🙌

  22. Everyone I know including myself have been having crazy dreams lately!! It’s because of all the stress and uncertainty going on in the world right now.

  23. Hello✋ thank you for showing us thredup. I’ve heard it before on some vids but didn’t pay too much detail. You can buy AND sell on it? That’s great! 😊

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