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"Amazon's Cheapest BOW" — BRUTALLY HONEST Review… Is It Worth Buying?

"Amazon's Cheapest BOW" — BRUTALLY HONEST Review… Is It Worth Buying?

Today we review the cheapest bow on amazon! Is buying a cheap bow even worth your time and money? This video will answer that question! Thank you so much for watching!

The cheapest bow on AMAZON.
https://geni.us/9DFM [Amazon]

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26 thoughts on “"Amazon's Cheapest BOW" — BRUTALLY HONEST Review… Is It Worth Buying?

  1. I haven't spoke with you in a while, 
    I have healed up nicely.
    I made a board bow, red oak from lowes, or home depot, it broke.
    I have carved out a osage bow out of a stave, it works. heheh. Im in love with it.
    Thanks my friend.
    Another great video.
    Thanks again for taking the time to make this video and I hope you have a blessed week.

  2. I was blessed to grow in a country where as a child i have to make my own bows and arrows ,because like in America ,there were no bows to buy.

  3. It's very cheap, you only have to spent 27000 rupees😅😅😂😂

  4. I've never been more confused in how a video for put in my recommendations…and I've never been more confused my vocabulary in my life

  5. That’s not the cheapest though

  6. Pointing out all the bad points then backing them with 1 solid good point is not a good thing bro, but all good information, all in all probly a good buy to mess around with but for practical use "i hunt game birds so probly no good to me"

  7. Based on this review, I bought a bunch of these for our NPO summer camp program. Thank you.
    I was looking for a single piece recurve/reflex-deflex to replace the 30-50 year old bows we’ve been using. They’re great, but worn. I wanted a single piece because they’re so much lighter, and the kids get easily fatigued using a take down. I only have the kids one hour a day, for a week, so there’s no attendant strength and conditioning. I love how this bow shoots. The kids range in age from 10 to 18, so I needed low poundage bows that would work for the littles as well as the lanky, long-limbed teens.
    My only question now is how to finish them for maximum strength, durability and low-maintenance over the long haul. Poly? Lacquer? Spray? Brush? How many coats? How often do I reapply? Can I layer Lacquer and Poly for more durability and weather resistance? I would love it if these bows lasted many years past my tenure as instructor.
    I’ve used the bows that I inherited when I took over the program more than two decades ago, and would like to leave my successor with relatively hassle free equipment. Our old Bear and York glass bows seem to have been finished with shellac based on the crackling. It seems like that would be a hard finish to fix, and I don’t want to try to restore antique bows for a camp program.

  8. Hey here’s a tip stop making your video so virtual so we can buy cheap bows lmao

  9. Just ordered one. Im 5'2 and all my other recurves are 62 inches. Felt like I needed a shorter bow

  10. I think you can do it yourself, just watch and learn from Woodprix.

  11. It's always nice to see someone talking about something they love. 🙂

  12. i got a 30 lb bow no glue bad, shoots great, i draw 31 in , no problem, ive got 33.16 at my draw, i shoot aluminum arrows w/feathers, i dont hunt anymore, so target shooting is my pasttime, since quit drinking, i have a 50 lb black hunter, this kainokai is just fun to shoot

  13. Longtime compound bow shooter here, Interest in working the Struggle Stick, so as a 1st timer what should I buy?? I'm also interested in a beginner bow for my Grand kids, Pre-Teens ….

  14. Might be good for a backup SHTF bow.

  15. That bow bends excessively off the riser. Stressful and likely shocky and slow.

  16. Kainokai, assumption of pronunciation is like Samurai. Kuy-no-kuy

  17. Please please please.
    Get That bloody disco music volume DOWN…. if you're using auto attenuate your preset limits are far too high.
    It surges at times to the point of reaching for the volume control and then your next vocal is over quiet.
    Take more care with your levels, and ask yourself if the music adds one single thing to a specialist-factual-content video. For me this would be SO much better with no music at all, it just gets in the way.

  18. You should review a wish bow, it’s hilarious

  19. @Kramer Ammons
    😁 More gun guys need to be like you and give the gun away after testing! 😉

  20. I just got it, ordered the 45# hoping I would get at least a 35# knowing that same thing would happen. Sure enough although I don't have a way to check the poundage, I'm ok with it, SAS MAVERICK on the way!!! QUESTION: I had a LWANO TAKEDOWN 60INCH RECURVE was happy with it until I noticed the top limb to was degluing on the front laminate, probably because I hit it to many times walking out the door, I was able to get a refund, but how would or can this be fixed without having to take it to my local shop?

  21. "Do you remember when everybody on YouTube was making coffee videos?"

    No. No. I don't watch idiots.

  22. It's cheap but it works I guess

  23. Witch arrows you use for all bows?

  24. i want a bow so bad im 13 i do not have a father figure my mom works all day at a gas station if it wasnt for my sister wqatching me i dont know. i bought a bow online labeled ' wooden bow and arrow with quiver 3 arrows'' i picked up my neibors yard twice ang paid 20$ for the bow and it was barely able to shoot a arrow it was wooden if you type in WOODEN BOW AND ARROW w QUIVER set 3 PACK ARROWS you will see it. if anyone has a extra bow i will pay 20 dollars i want to learn to shoot and hunt elk when i turn 21

  25. By definition you bought the cheapest LONGBOW on Amazon.

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