Amazon Withheld My Money For Doing Retail Arbitrage? | Amazon Suspension Appeal Success

Amazon Withheld My Money For Doing Retail Arbitrage? | Amazon Suspension Appeal Success

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Within the last month I received TWO Inauthentic complaints on Amazon from customers. This ultimately caused Amazon to suspend and withhold my funds for a little bit over two weeks. The products in question were purchased through retail arbitrage. I was able to successfully get my funds back and account health in good standing by providing Amazon with a good plan of action and retail receipts. I wanted to make this video to inform all sellers to prepare for things like this, it’s very important to keep track of all your receipts and invoices so you can always prove the source of your products. It’s also very important to make sure your sourcing products from legitimate sources. Hope this video provided value and if you have any questions leave them down below. Comment, Like, and Subscribe 🙂

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20 Thoughts to “Amazon Withheld My Money For Doing Retail Arbitrage? | Amazon Suspension Appeal Success”

  1. What about TJ Maxx or Marshalls receipts? Their receipts aren't remotely specific they just say what category the item is in. Does this mean we can't source from there?

  2. Thanks for keeping it real, I went through this last week. Customers are using the Keywords "Counterfeit, Fake, Illegitimate" to trigger the AI , which then leads to the performance notifications emails. Some "customers" are really awful.

  3. Hey Garret, this is currently happening to me. My POA been transferred (Thinking I got passed account health fine) now I just wait? This seem like the longest wait of my life lol

  4. My guess it’s somebody trying to put you out of business. A competitor of yours or maybe Ralph Lauren themselves. It’s a shame it took so long.

  5. Did you get help from anyone else in writing your appeal letter?

  6. My Last is Rozell.?…Spelled the same way. I have never ran across anyone who spells it the same that I wasn't related too …lol…ooo and more on point. I never BUY or Sell thru Mr Bezos Comp. For a myriad of reasons .This being just one of many. Its bad enough Elon Musk is part owner in PayPal…and you see what a force they are. These big Corporate entities are just a huge Machine and will steam roll over anything and or body.

  7. Going through this do you think a ross receipt would work?

  8. Great content as always, brother!

  9. Thank you for putting this video together. It's very helpful for people like me just starting with Amazon RA. I agree about the poor timing. Also, I know they won't….But, I think Amazon should be able to suspend buyers accounts. The first example you shared was clearly someone trying to take advantage of you AND Amazon during this difficult period in history.

  10. Would like a video based on your pricing strategy and how you set up your repricer

  11. Hey Garret congrats on getting reinstated. Got a question for you. Do you still source at Marshalls and if so will their receipts work. I source heavily from there and wondering if I should stop.

  12. Are Dollar Store receipts valid?

  13. Great video as usual! Could this fraudulent claim brought on your account done by a jealous amazon seller? Because nobody will ever find out who this customer is, and there are plenty of cowards out there capable of doing such a thing! Amazon in the early days “ when they needed everyone to help them grow as a company” was easier to deal with, but now that they got all the money, look at what we have to go through. It feels like the current amazon, just want to deal with the brand owners only, eliminating the ones who helped them grow.

  14. Thanks! Congrats on the reinstatement.

  15. Thank you for the transparency! Happy everything worked out for you and your business

  16. More folks need to make transparent videos like you! Thanks for the insight and stay safe out here in AZ

  17. Hi Garrett, how are you keeping track of the inventory that is in your storage?

  18. Sorry about that Garret. Glad it worked out. Great plan of action letter. I'm starting off with RS, then PL. You did good. Yeah can you post your template as well.

  19. Great video glad to hear sellers don’t have to hire a lawyer, to work with Amazon. Can you post your template please?

  20. Some competitor is trying to destroy your account

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