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Amazon: The company that doesn't make money

Amazon: The company that doesn't make money

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48 thoughts on “Amazon: The company that doesn't make money

  1. I was almost going to lose my house and this program saved me, 4 N e t J o b s . C o m

  2. Amazon has been violating anti-trust laws for a long time. Hopefully they will eventually get called out for their practices. Amazon will collapse over the coming years due to the fact that their cloud business is losing market share which is their most profitable segment by far.

  3. Jeff Bezos is watching this video secretly…

  4. Amazon changes our name to amazon prime and amazon smile?

  5. Where are the facts that Amazon did that? I don't feel like Googling πŸ™‚

  6. But how does it stay afloat even when making extreme thin margins or sometimes bleeding cash?

  7. Amazon is fossil fuel dependent, totally. And the tank is running empty for Amazon.
    Not a green company by any means nor a profitable one.

  8. shit bezos is using Rockerfeller's strategy / monopoly

  9. They want to dominate to many industries. But that means they keep the profits low. One day can be the next Standard Oil who will become broken in littler company is.

  10. Should I trust Proactive Thinker or CNBC?

  11. you need to get a pop filter for your microphone

  12. KEK

    The problem with amazon: The prizes on tech for example are too high! Many smaller sies and price comparing companies will always be 15% cheaper

  13. KEK

    Bezos 2018 made 80 so not releveant Vid

  14. 1:50 do this in FFXIV all the time. really funny knowing amazon does it aswell.

  15. This video starts with a pretty stupid middle school kid understanding of what a business is. Amazon's business model is extremely very very profitable. The difference between Amazon and other big giants is that Amazon reinvests into itself. It's not satisfied with just having high profit, Amazon is constantly trying to be at the forefront of its industries and also expanding into new profitable ventures. So Amazon is willing to sacrifice net profit for expansion. Investors love this because it makes their investments MUCH more valuable in the long run and much less risk of Amazon folding over.

    If advertising bubble burst (think dot com), Facebook and Google would be totally fucked. Amazon would be absolutely fine. If tech cloud bubble burst, IBM and Google and Microsoft would be dead, Amazon is fine. If hardware tech all moves to Korea/China, Apple and Intel would be dead, Amazon is okay with that. If retail completely dies (2008 recession), Walmart and all brick and mortar stores are dead, Amazon would be deeply wounded but ultimately okay.

    Business in the modern era is not just to be profitable. It's to be profitable, expansive, stable, and dominating. And that's Amazon's model.

  16. I don't know maybe u copied them or they copied u

  17. I have seen an exact same video like this a while ago like the everything was same except the accent of the persoon

  18. I didn't think of it before but going the route of Rockefeller just might be Bezos's plan. If I remember correctly due to 1911 division his net worth skyrocketed into him being arguably #1 richest man ever.

  19. That's not the bezoz strategy that's the Rockefeller strategy

  20. wait what, 233 billion was the revenue for 2018 according to wiki. But amazon doesn't really make it's money like apple selling products, it's selling services.

  21. This comment section is full of idiots.. Like actual idiots lol usually it's trolls. But this time..eh

  22. Ska

    basically, make a monopoly of everything than raise prices

  23. That picture is not John d Rockefeller

  24. I wanted to invest $900 in 1997, but I was born in 1998.

  25. More ads and cut some money from purchases to have

  26. 4:04 that is not john reckfeller.
    That guy is his grandson who dies few years ago.

  27. I've made money now I gotta buy everyone who tries to rise by their own

  28. $1 in 1999 is equivalent in purchasing power toΒ $1.51Β in 2018, a difference of $0.51 over 19 years

  29. dm

    He confused revenue with net income, which is massive considering 2017 revenues were 177 Billion.

  30. M N

    I’m gonna be honest, your analysis was dreadful.

  31. Standard oil is now ExxonMobil. The majority of the smaller companies that were made.

  32. You made no money because of your airpods

  33. Great vid! Kinda surprising you haven't just made your great website with WIZ DOT COM in it. I was kinda expecting it on last 20 seconds of your video πŸ˜€

  34. That's not John Rockefeller, that's his son with the same name.

  35. This guy sounds like idubbz’s european accent

  36. Are you the mexican guy from that 70s show? Bro english is not my first language so i understand but i worked hard on it. Like when u say ''focus'' u make it sound like ''fuck us''

    Its fooocus….and videoooo. Not faaawkus and videaww

  37. I hope Bezos Strategy is to never marry again πŸ˜€

  38. Amazon prime is such a steal. Just for the free two day shipping it's worth it but also getting a video and music streaming service along with their ebooks and twitch prime with all of those perks make it amazing for $100 a year

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