AMAZON RETURNS PALLET | Best Kept Secret in Liquidation! | With TIPS!

AMAZON RETURNS PALLET | Best Kept Secret in Liquidation! | With TIPS!

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6260 SW 9th Tr Suite C
Topeka, Kansas 66615
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36 Thoughts to “AMAZON RETURNS PALLET | Best Kept Secret in Liquidation! | With TIPS!”

  1. OMG… Lady, I envy you! What a great place to pick out your inventory. No surprises there. I'm excited… 😁

  2. So I have a question that I don't quite get the answer for. I bought an apparel mystery box from Quick Lots. Almost all the box was clothing with no tags or labels, nothing on the inside of the shirt. What am I supposed to do with the clothes? How do I sell something like that? Plz help

  3. Who'd you buy from. I was so overwhelmed i must have missed it

  4. What was the information on the pallet you bought? I’d like to see a follow up about them, do they deliver yet?

  5. People are delusional. Do any of you have any idea the amount of time necessary to do all this. These companies do that's how they came up with this 'great opportunity' for all us regular folks. You get to buy all of Amazon's returns and rejects, save them all that space and time messing with it just so that can make more money on your efforts selling it through them for a fee. Factor in all the additional costs, taxes and fees and all that labor and you're lucky if over time you make minimum wage.

  6. Hey Lindsey!!! Did you say what liquidation company you got this from?

  7. Do you have a video explaining how to determine what goes to Amazon and what goes to EBay? Organizing this way like you do makes sense. I’m just curious about what criteria you use.

  8. Be careful viewers, they have separated all the good high merchandise and this is the trash they need to get rid off to a dreamer. Trust me you won't make any money, these guys have a store and would have sold it if there was good money to be made. I am in the liquidation business so I know this, its not a conventional business so you will have to be very very very very careful buying from resellers like these or you get burnt badly. Just y 5 cents and I hope to save someone.

  9. I sure wish I could find something like this in BC, so far I haven't found anything. But looks like a room full of fun to me.

  10. OMG I wish they shipped 😭

  11. so how well has this purchase been so far? Is it going to profitable?

  12. If anyone knows of a place like this in Central Florida. Preferably without a business license. Please let me know!

  13. On this video the two guys that just started they way taking items out there. Box I need it something he. There probiotics by fortify supplements I have take the ever day I seen where lot of them come out the box. Wal-Mart don't carry them all time. I was wondering if sell me some if just there email are link to them I appreciate it thanks love watching you and I am learning alot thanks

  14. Where do I find these kinda places in Southern California? Wow she really came up!

  15. what is the cost of shipping on these giant boxes?

  16. Hey Lindey, Do you know if there is a place similar to where you bought your items in Wichita?

  17. I buy from bulk com much cheaper

  18. If only I didn’t live in Idaho 🤣 I would ask for a job!! Lol

  19. There's a store that just opened near me that is open Tuesday-Saturday called falling prices. They start off on Tuesdays.. all items are $6, Wednesdays is $4, Thursdays $2, Fridays $1 and Saturdays 25 cents. Then Sunday and Monday they restock. Let me tell you, people are lined up around the building every day before they open, it's complete craziness.

  20. Do you purchase Amazon returns to resell and Amazon?

  21. Are these warehouses in every major city? 🙄

  22. how does one sell on Amazon? thanks

  23. what did that large pallet cost you?

  24. Hey Lindy. I am curious how this giant pallet turned out for you? Were you happy with the contents? Would you buy from them again?

  25. Whoa, it would be fun to look through all that stuff. Loved this video. New to your channel, but I will be giving it more views.👍😃

  26. Wow. I’ve purchased liquidation before, but wow. Just wow!

  27. Dang Lindey you r a true reseller

  28. Im new to your channel great video .

  29. How much u paid for that 7 foot pallet, by boxing up your self and loading it in your Van

  30. Hoping you going to do an update on the seven foot tall Amazon Customer return pallets that you bought.

  31. How much did you paid for the pallet ?

  32. I hope you got the van suspension checked out after this! what a haul! wish we were neighbors…

  33. People don't understand how much money is in these pallets. They think it just junk because it's returns… People return things for reasons you wouldn't believe. I spent 2500 on a pallet that had a MSRP of $38,000. Lots of electronics. Bluetooth headsets, car mounts, radar scanners, cell phone accessories etc. 80% of the stuff was labeled wrong item or missing part. The missing part might have been like some extra sticky pad not even needed. 850 count items which means i'm spending pennies on the $1 and selling everything $20-50+ What do you think my ROI percentage is…. 🙂

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