AMAZON HAS CHANGED… Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting In 2020?

AMAZON HAS CHANGED... Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting In 2020?

Is Amazon Dead Or Even Still Worth It With The Corona Virus? Lets Talk About The Truth & How Amazon Has Changed…▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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30 Thoughts to “AMAZON HAS CHANGED… Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting In 2020?”

  1. With these new changes, do you still, from time to time, update your "course" that some of us purchased back in the day when you were pushing it?

  2. If you are new to FBA I wouldn't listen regarding building a brand. This advice is for more advanced sellers certainly not newbies. To begin you have to sell products that you've added value to and that sell well. The first few products are all about making money not necessarily about building a brand. That comes later down the line when you have a profitable business.

  3. Hey Tanner! Could you do a video on showing us how to start FBA since everything is a lot different after this Covid19?

  4. Thanks for this video Tanner!


  6. make a video about how you made your amazon course

  7. Most people don't have what it takes to become successful in business, what did it really take you to become successful at fba?

  8. Try Amazon Dropshipping. It can be done within Amazon's TOS

  9. Alot of people are sitting at home making more money on Unemployment then they would actually be working at their job. More money you make, more money you spend. All retail stores, malls closed. Covid has made shopping online more popular.

  10. Hi, I started watching you yesterday and I’m crazily moved by how you changed in life so it’s motivated me but I’m scared I might fail I like in 🇬🇧 and I just turned 13 in April is it possible your tricks could help me in future to become a successful person like you? Please be honest although I’m kinda young I have no vision of future and I want to now make one My family is not very rich and live in a small home but I’m not poor if you know what I mean can I make the money you do? If I remember you in future and start your course will it get me started thx God bless I’d like to see you succeed more in future

    Btw please reply if u can even if it’s a short one

  11. Thanks for this video, wish you talk about retail arbitrage, is the banic make changes with it?

  12. Thank you Tanner, building a brand could be the right strategy for experienced ans consolidated people, I don't think it is the best strategy for a beginner. Do you think Amazon has changed to be a market place just for experienced entrepreneur?

  13. Great to see you again on here Taner! What research tool do you recommend now days? Which is the more accurate one for doing research? Thanks!!

  14. Hey Tanner could you do a video in more detail on launch strategies?

  15. Yes, more content. You're the man! Perhaps more focusing on your exact launch strategy, since everything has changed dramatically and the details on brand registry.

  16. could you do a video detailing what you mean by 'proper product launch' ? thanks!

  17. so be a real legitimate business. lol

  18. Hey Tanner, love your videos. Can you make a video on what is the difference between selling on Amazon Uk and the US or are they identical in terms of the process?

  19. We appreciate you Tanner. 😎🖥👍

  20. Thanks for this video helps a lot. Building a brand is important in any business.

  21. Hey Tanner, hope your doing good bro! Are you going to make a updated version of your course in the future?

  22. Thanks for the video mate, very humble! I believe that Amazon will never die as new products get released every year (just need to have a good marketing plan to before getting in).

    Regarding trademark I 100% recommend it ! I applied for trademark to be able to build and protect my brand.
    Good luck everyone with e-commerce!

  23. You got a point in that, building a brand can make you appear more and be trusted l, especially if people have used your product and felt it’s great, then they’ll Definitely never forget your brand and would want to buy from you again. Keep it up buddy your lessons are inspiring🌹🙏🏻

  24. This new comment style is annoying

  25. As long as Amazon grows, FBA will continue to grow

  26. Is it true that if a products sell too well, Amazon has algorithms in place to essentially let Amazon know that this product should be become an Amazon Basics product and they basically steal your product and dominate the search listing?

  27. Why no more monthly income videos

  28. YES! It’s good to see you more active Tanner! I hope you’re well!

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