Amazon Has a BIG Problem – Amazon FBA UK 2019 – How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews!

Amazon Has a BIG Problem - Amazon FBA UK 2019 - How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews!

Fake reviews are a huge problem on Amazon – not just for FBA sellers, but also for Amazon customers. In this video I discuss a number of methods that are currently being used to get away with fake product reviews.

This is just looking from a customer perspective and doesn’t cover the issue of fake or negative reviews being posted by a competitor, I’ll save that for a separate video!

These are some of the red flags that I look for when deciding whether a product has a genuine review score:

1) Lots of gallery image or video reviews – A very small percentage of buyers will post a video or photo alongside their product review, if you see a disproportionate number of this type of review (anything above 5% is suspicious) then I would certainly consider that there is a high chance some or all of the reviews are fake.

2) Reviews for a different product – Check the reviews are actually relevant to the listing, sometimes sellers will take over an existing listing that has positive reviews and then change the photos and text to their own product.

3) Variant reviews – If there are lots of reviews for product variants but the seller is only selling one product then many of these reviews could have been manipulated.

4) Many reviews posted on the same day or very closely to each other – Any product that receives more than 2 or 3 reviews on the same day could be manipulating reviews (unless they are selling crazy high numbers!).

If you are looking for guide on how to get Amazon reviews I would recommend my other video:

Please share your experiences of fake Amazon reviews in the comments below, I read all comments and aim to reply within 24 hours.


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10 Thoughts to “Amazon Has a BIG Problem – Amazon FBA UK 2019 – How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews!”

  1. Hey Darren, love the videos mate. I was a fairly well established seller on eBay during my time in sixth form and first year of university. My main reason for leaving was because of the massive influx of Chinese sellers operating on eBay UK, and driving prices down to below profitable levels. Fast forward to 2019 and I have just gone live with my first product on Amazon, and I shit you not the same thing is happening again, at least 5-10 new listings each week for the same product from sellers with Chinese business addresses. Could you please do a video addressing this issue and techniques you may know of to combat it? The way things are going Amazon is fast approaching eBay 2.0 status

  2. Well worth knowing 👍

  3. Spot on Darren! I used to buy everything on Amazon but I’m increasingly finding the need to shop elsewhere because I just cannot trust the sellers and reviews.

  4. That's so frustrating… While there's loads of fake reviews I'm struggling to get few reviews just because people aren't very keen to leave a simple review. And when I got some friends to leave some initial reviews just to lift my product off the ground Amazon simply aren't allowing my products to have those reviews.. Very annoying

  5. M S

    Thanks Darren good information,

  6. It's for sure a big problem, I think as sellers, the only thing we can do is report this to amazon when we see it and stick together.

  7. They're all just chasing the money, from suppliers to amazon. I like you see this as damaging 'the brand amazon' so they'll have to sort it out. It also proves there's always a way. Hope the rad keys don't turn your ears green 😉

  8. Agree completely. Amazon obviously feel they can get away with NOT doing anything at the moment but with even the smallest of a drop in sales stats then am sure they'd very quickly find a solution to this problem!

  9. Spot on! This fake reviews and also fake product/listing hijackers will be the downfall of them. With the size and weight of the company, it's astonishing that this can happen. I was under the impression that product reviews were supposed to be thoroughly vetted. Obviously not. This issue seriously needs some more resources thrown at within Amazon. If everyone with an Amazon Seller related YT channel dedicated a video to this subject I'm sure it would get some traction and get the attention of those that can help resolve.
    Oh, I don't wear headphones on my feet either! May try it sometime though. 😂😂

  10. Was looking at a new Mac charger on Amazon today with very positive feedback, was worried about the same thing, will go back and check the reviews after seeing this 😉

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