AMAZON IS BACK and Today I want to breakdown my game plan for after corona virus!. Drop a comment, like this video and don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. How do you apply for prime? I thought if you do FBA it automatically becomes Prime. Am I wrong?

  2. Hey, I would like to enroll in your FBA course. how do you keep in touch and mentor during the product research and launch? thanks

  3. Thanks Trevin! I created my first coupon today. QQ please…Do you use Instagram influencers? If so Do you direct their traffic to a landing page…or straight to the product on Amazon. Just asking to get an understanding about conversions.

  4. Can you also do a video on how to setup an out of country marketplace? How does that work?

  5. Are all categories open now to sell in? Or are only limits on inventory lifted?

  6. Hey Trevin
    Can you please make the video of serial order of doing things after finding product to source. What i mean by this is , after finalizing the supplier the product to source, pictures, listing, sampling etc. Thanks in advance.

  7. great info, love your course!

  8. thanks fot the information!! keep up the good work!

  9. might be a little overboard on the lighting my guy aha! regardless good stuff

  10. Air Cargo is expensive than Air Express now.

  11. About to ask for a refund to a FBA based University that I spent a High Amount for what I've found out myself by watching people like you. They guaranteed some bogus things and I'm heartbroken as I didn't have that kind of money to throw away starting out. If I get a refund I would like to offer it to you to help me find a product you would sell. I'm supposed to get a refund if I do 10 days of boot camp and I read all stipulations and followed them ..What's crazy is I've done Helium 10 searches for 5 days trying to get it right with a product .. then BAM the H10 I was supposed to get with the University 14 day boot camp is already out of searches , wanting me to buy more ..unreal , I sooooo need to to be successful only wanting to help my family and help others and just to travel after I retire..are you interested in helping me for a fee? Please say Yes 😊👊

  12. I check everyday and I just checked and it will allow me to ship product in with a 150 count limit per box. Here I come Fed-Ex on Monday!

  13. +Trevon Peterson
    Hello Trevin, I'm seriously considering buying your course. When I've got Qs will you answer them through email & is this only for the 1st 30 days? Thanx

  14. THANK YOU! I probably wouldn't have checked until I was at the max inventory level!

  15. Thanks for updates brah!

  16. Thank you I miss the news❤

  17. Thanks for the update! Already took action and shipped my inventory into Amazon. Big thanks for the heads up on creating coupons and lighting deals.

  18. lee

    I ordered my first products and they are on their way to my freight forwarder warehouse, can't wait

  19. Thanks for the update just created a shipping plan

  20. Thats great news, i've literally dodged a bullet. I was going to pay extra for a logistics company to ship my products from China to the USA and store my products and ship minimum quantities to Amazon FBA. I have 1525Kgs in Qingdao city and 195Kgs in Shanghai. I have now created shipping plans for all of my products. As for Australia, i live in Australia and don't sell in Australia because we don't have a large population , only 26 million. I use Helium 10 in Australia so i don't know what that other digger was talking about. I only sell into North America but one of my resent products listings Amazon has setup a option that Amazon buys my product and sells globally. Have you heard off this before Trevin?

  21. Aight 331am back to work

  22. 08:04 am here in the UK. Great news, thank you very much for supporting your audience by spreading the word imediately after finding out – much appreciated!! I'm one of those that are waiting for some more time until the market stabilises so I do my first launch. It wasn't easy for me to raise money for Amazon FBA so I don't want to screw up as I might not have a second chance. This is very different compared to sellers with good cash flow and existing profitable products as the risk of new product launch is much less! In the mean time due to the coronavirus, my expenses have gone down so I am able to increase my savings every month. I'm planning to use this especially for initial launch PPC and cash flow SPECIFICALLY for the second order – when Amazon hasn't paid me for everything that I have sold, and due to the fact that I wouldn't have sold all the inventory. I think the second order cash flow issue is something that I've never seen anyone discussing on YouTube but could break an emerging business. Cash flow in general is discussed but not second (and even third order).
    Finally, it's great to see your spirit back high and very positive! 🙂 Looking forward to the house toor.

  23. Hey Trevin, when I go to create a shipping plan, its not asking me for the individual unit size and weight? Can you help me

  24. G'day from Australia. So are you saying that i can buy products from China and send them to the USA Amazon now? Because i have been waiting to sell on Amazon USA?

  25. Thats the best news ever!! Thanks Trevin!

  26. Bro!!! Thank You!! I'm soooo excited

  27. s g

    Thanks for the heads up! You’re the best!

  28. Hope you guys enjoyed! Thanks for tuning in!

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