AMAZON FBA: TURNING $1 into $50,000 | OUR ADOPTION STORY (EP 1) Reseller Vlog

AMAZON FBA: TURNING $1 into $50,000 | OUR ADOPTION STORY (EP 1)  Reseller Vlog

Our Adoption Story through Amazon FBA is very unique and different then most. Everyday we will do a family vlog, starting with $1 our goal is to hit $50,000 in profit by the end of 2020 leveraging online reselling platforms such as ebay amazon fba etc, until we have $50,000 in savings to cover all of our projected costs for our adoption journey. We are doing garage sale and yard sale hauls to fully fund the starting point to get from $1 to $1000 then beyond to $50,000 we will be utilizing several different reselling strategies.

Throughout this whole process we will be documenting every single step, as well as how much we have lost and gained. It is in our hopes that we can help inspire many other families to adopt this mindset whether its something like paying for adoption, or saving some extra money to pay off your house. There are literally hundreds of ways you can approach this. We just hope that you enjoy the video and learn a little bit along the way.

Thank you so much to every single one of you for supporting us on this journey. It is super crazy and unchartered waters for us as well. If you made it to the end of the video and to the end of the description let us know by commenting “HAPPY FEET” and we will make SURE we respond to your comment.

With love – Juston and Kristen

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13 Thoughts to “AMAZON FBA: TURNING $1 into $50,000 | OUR ADOPTION STORY (EP 1) Reseller Vlog”

  1. Love you guys, and your always positive attitude! Happy Feet. 🦶🏻💕

  2. stop making videos and play more risk/pirates of the carribean games.

  3. This video was awesome! I think given the opportunity and just knowing that someone is in need most people want to help. This is going to be a great journey thanks so much for taking us with you on it…..Oh and bridges like that freak me out!

  4. Thank you. Your newest vids are really making me think differently

  5. Wow! I am speechless. You both have put your heart and soul into your channel. I loved it before but now I could barely get through some of your videos without a tear or two, okay maybe a flood of tears 😭 To document your journey starting with $1.00 to pay for your adoption and teach others at the same time there are no words. Your family is amazing and to have your sweet little ones in tow is so Awesome 😊ThankYou so much for allowing us to be part of this 😊

  6. By $50,000 do you mean cash on hand, net profit over time, or revenue?

  7. Here's a channel I made of nwa content…

  8. Boooo. That's my free stuff. !!
    Go back to L.A.. Lol

  9. " Happy Feet ", wow !!!! Great concept to start & reach a goal. I love the way you are documenting this process. Thanks, can't wait to see more.

  10. Great challenge! My son is adopted and I’m looking forward to your journey

  11. Loving this challenge. Please finish it as often these series die after a few rounds.

  12. Estate sales are awesome!
    I go Monday night and often times u can get a table full of merch. for 3$

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