Amazon FBA Supplies You NEED And Helpful Items For Retail Arbitrage

Amazon FBA Supplies You NEED And Helpful Items For Retail Arbitrage

Amazon FBA Supplies You NEED And Helpful Items For Retail Arbitrage!

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Links to ALL the items you need!

Packing & Shipping
Tape Gun:
Box Cutter:
Bubble Wrap:
Kraft Packing Paper:
Weight Scale:

Label Printer:
Label Paper For Standard Printers:
Ready To Ship Labels:

Poly Bags:
Bag Sealer:
Heat Gun:

Sticker Removal
Rubbing Alcohol:
Scotty Peelers:

Bar Code Scanner:

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31 Thoughts to “Amazon FBA Supplies You NEED And Helpful Items For Retail Arbitrage”

  1. Let me know if you have any questions or feel I missed on item that needs to be on the list!

  2. You have the best Amazon FBA videos on YouTube. Thank you.

  3. Scott you are the BEST!!!

  4. So many you tubers SKIP this info! And newbies are left wondering how to actually send their stuff in. Thank you!!

  5. When doing FBA, does amazon still hold an "unavailable balance" before they release funds to the seller? Or, do they only do this for merchant sellers? This video was SUPER helpful, BTW!! Thanks!!

  6. Hey Scott Thanks for the video. Do you have to cover the existing UPC codes on the product with the Amazon UPC codes? Thanks

  7. How do you utilize the scanner with the Seller app? Wouldn't I still have to check my phone after every scan? Or is there a way to scan a whole shelf of items and then check the items in the app?

  8. I have taken boxes to UPS unsealed and they sealed it for me. Saves on tape, would you recommend this? Just getting started with Amazon so I haven't shipped anything to them yet.

  9. I dumpster-dive for boxes, including Amazon boxes. There is a university near me, and the dumpsters behind the student mail center are LOADED with boxes.

    Tip: Try to source boxes before it rains. Soggy boxes aren't any good.

    Tip 2: Do not select used boxes that transported food products.

  10. Ok now cutting the barcodes ? What barcodes ? So you're saying after you seal a book in plastic bag you have to put a barcode sticker on ? On each item going in the box? Do you have to take pictures and put descriptions then post on Amazon of each item ? So basically Amazon is just storing then mailing product out when sold. Or you're getting buyer info then notifying Amazon a product sold ?

  11. So can I start with a pay with card Android phone($40.00 month) or a tablet with monthly data (no WiFi)and just a printer? Need cords to plug in ? Or can I sell then take package to staples show them seller info on phone or tablet they weigh print label and send it off ? Also need PayPal right? Connect to exiting account or start its own account ? I'm confused but you are the first person that is explaining almost step by step . . . thanks

  12. Appreciate these thorough videos! If you keep putting out content of this quality and this frequent you will have 100k subs by the end of the year!

  13. What about bar code scanner for inventory or can you use the small one for entering

  14. When do you get paid from amazon after the product sells?

  15. You are amazing!! Thank you so much!! Everyone else I watched on YouTube barely scratch the surface. You are so detailed. So much valuable information!!! Especially for beginners. I was so lost until I found your channel. Thank you, thank you!!! ❤️


  17. Would you please tell us when your course is gonna be available?
    It's gonna be a great help especially for beginners like myself.
    Thank you very much for all the information you provide.

  18. Is it mandatory to use 4×6 postage labels, or can you use smaller sized postage labels?

  19. I binge watched your last three videos in a row. Your presentations are well thought out and easy to follow. Thank you.

  20. Another great video.
    What size Avery labels can be used for printing fba product codes when using a regular printer?

  21. Can you explain to me how it is that you use the barcode scanner? What is the benefit for using one? Thanks!

  22. Thx for much for taking the time to make this! This is great Really well presented without the fluff of other vids. You need more subs!

  23. Thanks for this Video Scott!!!

  24. Wow, this is one of the best video I have seen regarding this! I so want rod do this can you send me of what videos I need to start watching to start!

  25. do the shipping label have to be a sticker label or can it be paper?

  26. Great video content for newbies like myself. One question is it okay to use an inkjet printer for the fba labels or do they need to be printed on a Laser Jet printer as opposed to a Dymo. Thanks.

  27. I heard that a 3" tape gun saves you time. Also you need to make sure that you get bags with suffocation warning or get stickers for this if you get cases of items with poly bags already with them.

  28. 👍🏻 great video. Just a couple of questions:
    1. Which is cheaper on a per label basis, sticker sheets or sticker rolls?
    2. Is it acceptable to use newspaper instead of craft paper to fill in the empty spaces in a box?

    and a comment:
    3. The bar code scanner allows you to use an iPad in place of a smartphone.

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