Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage, MASSIVE Profits At TJ Maxx!

Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage, MASSIVE Profits At TJ Maxx!

Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage, MASSIVE Profits At TJ Maxx!

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I use TaxJar for all my Amazon tax collection. They do all the work for me and file all my state taxes as well.


Items Needed For Retail Arbitrage
Packing & Shipping
Tape Gun:
Box Cutter:
Bubble Wrap:
Kraft Packing Paper:
Weight Scale:

Label Printer:
Label Paper For Standard Printers:
Ready To Ship Labels:

Poly Bags:
Bag Sealer:
Heat Gun:

Sticker Removal
Rubbing Alcohol:
Scotty Peelers:

Bar Code Scanner:

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Everything in this video is purely for entertainment and educational purposes. Please do your own research before investing any of your money into anything, be smart folks.

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42 Thoughts to “Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage, MASSIVE Profits At TJ Maxx!”

  1. What store would you like to see me try retail arbitrage at next?

  2. about how long would it take to sell all that inventory?

  3. U Mention a link about how to get ungated yet I don’t see the link. Can u share the link so I can watch that video? Thank you

  4. YOO I GO THERE! Isn’t that in tustin

  5. Amazing video thank you!! What app do you use to scan the items and know how much they sell online?

  6. Nike, nerf, Star Wars, Disney… no no no

  7. How do you deal with employees acting weird about you scanning all the items? Or do you just tell them straight out what you are doing?

  8. Great video, as always. Socks can be great but are a little more time consuming due to polly bagging. When selling nerf, it seems like they require a separate shipment. I usually keep all my nerf hauls and send them all together for q4, but yours had some amazing roi! Do u sell other clothing items and how do u know how well a particular variation will sell? Lastly is that the Florida area?

  9. For the socks that arent in wrappers, can you sell them as new?

  10. How do u check amazon fba rankings

  11. How about a video of how you pack and ship to Amazon.

  12. did you say you were going to post a link on how to get ungated?

  13. Bam

    What is a considerable low sellers rank?

  14. Can you make a video how you pack and ship the products?

  15. I have scouted the same products you have bought for FBA and I seen a lot of them the price has dropped!! How has it went with actually selling these?

  16. I tried signing up for an account with amazon and they wanted 39.00 a month I thought they changed a commission on the sales and I could not find a phone number to talk to anyone.

  17. How do you get the sales stickers off?

  18. Have you tried to sell fragrance, makeup, cosmetics?

  19. Laser Pegs are crap! Kids got some for Christmas they were horrible

  20. What about shipping costs??

  21. Do you run ppc on your products?

  22. Do you ever get a hard time scanning items in the store?

  23. Lol "Scanning ladies underwear that's so funny " thanks for the video it's so helpfull im a new subscriber;)

  24. How to get ingested to sell these big brands ?

  25. Thank you for sharing the info! 🤑

  26. I saw you got this comment, but an IR sticker on a Nike package 100% stands for Irregular.

  27. How are you getting away with sending IR Nike sock to Amazon?

  28. Probelm I have is it is not possible to scan tjmax price tags and they putthe tags over the upc codes as a rule

  29. I almost never pick up toys from TJ Maxx or similar stores because I've found the ones that actually make money tend to be gated. I'm slowly getting ungated in small brands and hoping to be able to get some of the bigger ones ungated for Q4.

  30. Most people are gated on Hilfiger

  31. All infants and toddlers start watching TV with Sesame Street & Elmo. That’s why he’s still around. He has potty training videos also. Lol

  32. I got approached by asset protection at Walmart for scanning bras😂 I don’t care if there’s money in it I’ll stand there and scan it, the ap guy at Walmart actually got me a nice discount on my cart full of bras after he found out I was a amazon seller.

  33. I’ve been selling for 2.5 years I’m ungated in Nike but not Tommy or Nerf weird

  34. IR on the Nike socks means Irregular. That is why they aren't 11.99 like the others. It says "If Perfect" on the tag. Do you need to disclose this to buyers on Amazon?

  35. Good and simple video. Great job arbitraging.

  36. Yea the prices may be ideal but what about how the items sell? Can you show your results and if you actually sold the items?

  37. I assume that you are gated to sell those brands (Nerf, etc), the question that confuses me a lot is if one is gated to sell a brand, does it mean you no longer need to buy the item from the authorized distributor of the brand and thus can buy the item from RA/OA with only the receipt instead of an invoice as proof of purchase?

  38. Can you show your haul at the end next time?
    You tell us what you bought, but we never see it at the end.

  39. Scott, when RA-ing, do I have to individually pack each item before packing them all in a larger box to send to Amazon? Or can I just pack everything in a large box? I'm just trying to figure out how to make sure Amazon gets my products properly and lists them quickly.

  40. Hi Scott, I thought you had to have invoices to sell name brand items on amazon?

  41. The items have to sell, then you have to wait a couple more weeks to get the money..

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