Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage, Flipping Home Depot Items For Profit!

Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage, Flipping Home Depot Items For Profit!

In this video I go over how to do Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage! its the best way to get started flipping items on Amazon for profit. If you are just starting out, DON’T do Private Labeling! Start with retail arbitrage.

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Items Needed For Retail Arbitrage
Packing & Shipping
Tape Gun:
Box Cutter:
Bubble Wrap:
Kraft Packing Paper:
Weight Scale:

Label Printer:
Label Paper For Standard Printers:
Ready To Ship Labels:

Poly Bags:
Bag Sealer:
Heat Gun:

Sticker Removal
Rubbing Alcohol:
Scotty Peelers:

Bar Code Scanner:

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Everything in this video is purely for entertainment and educational purposes. Please do your own research before investing any of your money into anything. Be smart folks.


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16 Thoughts to “Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage, Flipping Home Depot Items For Profit!”

  1. What other ways to make money online do you want to learn about?

  2. Can you do some RA at costco? At my local one I heard an employee talking about how a member bought out a bunch of something so he could sell it on Amazon just curious what there is to find there….

  3. How long does it usually take for your items to sell?

  4. Hii great video you recommend selling used things?

  5. Okay. I want to try it out. I have a few questions. whats all the tools i need to get started? boxes, tape, scale? what profit margins do you go for and do you look up BSRs before buying clearence items? how do you make it worth your time and expense for gas, vehicle expenses, drive time, and packing and shipping? to test the waters, do you have a recommended dollar amount i try? what items do you not do fba retail abritrage with? do you stay away from fragile items, electronics, perhisables, etc?

  6. Congratulations on your finds! You did well. I didn't even know Home Depot ever did clearance. Have you ever tried Estate Sales or Yard Sales?

  7. I did a bunch of RA on Amazon in December. I had sales of almost 20k in 3 weeks. About 95% of my sales were TOYS. Now a few weeks after Christmas, with all my returns…. my total profit is about negative $500. I had a huge amount of TOYS returned. Also Amazon lost a few hundered dollars worth of my inventory.

  8. How can the same item a 1 pack vs 2 pack one need approval and the other not? Should I list the one or not because the other needs approval?

  9. This is great way to get started in Amazon FBA indeed but please elaborate on the possibility that certain private companies can still flag your account with an IP Claim. A problem with a lot of new sellers are facing today.

  10. I have a lot of ideas for products that I would like to develop. I also hear what a nightmare private labeling is. Is this the stressful path u must take if u want to develop products or is there a better way?

  11. do you do wholesale? can you recommend the course for wholesale

  12. New sub here, YOU ARE ONE of my favorites AMA Fba youtubers!!!

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