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Amazon FBA Private Label For Beginners – What Is I & How Can I Make Money?

Amazon FBA Private Label For Beginners – What Is I & How Can I Make Money?

In this video “Amazon FBA Private Label For Beginners” I give you the rundown on what it means to sell on Amazon. [FREE]: Get Started Selling on Amazon with my 7-Part Video Training Series: https://tatianajames.com/freetraining

There are two options, you can do retail arbitrage or private label. You can also choose to use Amazon FBA or to fulfill products yourself and handle shipping and customer service. In my next video, I’ll share with you how much it costs to get started with selling on Amazon! Comment below your video requests, please 🙂


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DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only.

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37 thoughts on “Amazon FBA Private Label For Beginners – What Is I & How Can I Make Money?

  1. She bend the inspire word wow

  2. This was VERY helpful. I needed someone to explain the labeling because I thought I was buying products from the supplier and selling it under someone else's label! Thanks girl🤗🤗🤗

  3. Beautiful minds inspire others..
    Just like tatiana the most beautiful amazon seller I've ever seen to be honest 😀
    I am a VA please T wish me luck bb

  4. before I private label, do I have to register/trademark my brand.

  5. I love Tatiana’s videos, they are so helpful! But sometimes it’s too pushy towards Amazon courses.

  6. Selling it under the same listing that already exist ? But then wouldn't that other seller try to freeze you out by making complaint coz of making same listing ???

  7. Hey. I wanted to start doing Private Labelling . Is it still good ? If not what else do you recommend ?

  8. Thanks Tatiana! Do I have to register the brand name before I can use it on Amazon? How do I go about doing that? Thanks in advance.

  9. Very well explained. Thank you. What if I want to sell a unique product I am creating myself from scratch? Can I still use a Private Label account? Would Etsy be better if I am making the product myself?

  10. Hello,

    I have breathing masks in stock, certified, tested and in accordance with all German standards. Now there is a Chinese name on the package. I want to sell my own branded ones on Amazon. How do I get new packages for the. I got that with the logo and name.


  11. I have a question if I wanted to sell my own product on Amazon fba like clothing does it need to be trade marked

  12. Great video, very informative, added to our website.

  13. Tatiana James you should reply to each and everyone its help to courage peoples and boost your subscriber👍🏻😍Best of luck

  14. your really good at this stuff, and goddess like , really gave me the info i needed to get on this train.

  15. You are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge <3

  16. You're beautiful look gorgeous

  17. Came for the tutorial. Stayed for the shorty.

  18. I have Product for you if you interested in private label ( Moringa Leaf Powder Certified Organic ) but you have to do packing by yourself as of now , Price for the power is $6.5/Lb or $13.5/Kg ..

  19. Hi how do you think it works from Europe? I’d like to start but if it takes much more time to get to amazon in us and then to buyer i dont know if it’d be profitable

  20. A ridiculous amount of people are doing retail arbitrage these days. It is probably easier to sell your own product. It used to be good before everyone else on the planet started doing it.

  21. Can you still list and ship from your home yours?

  22. Hi Tatiana , you looks so nice 😘

  23. Smart and beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial! What about customizing an item? Is a private label enough?

  24. What if you don't have a Walmart in your country? What are the options then to save money on private labeling?

  25. Jeff bezos should meet you

  26. Hey Tat thank you for putting great knowledge online, experience, and motivation. 😍

  27. She just seems real to me….honest I would call it. I think it’s shocking because it’s rare. Thank you.

  28. Wow wicked smart and a smoke show! Thanks for the advice it really helps 👍

  29. V K

    I'm from India can I sell on amazon.com

  30. Hi Tatiana, can you make a video about how to build Facebook and Instagram following and how to use these platforms to drive sales?

  31. If you're buying from alibaba and not private labelling, does it work the same way?

  32. Thank you so much. Can you please help me with the barcode, can I buy them from Nationwide Barcodes or ebay, can you please advise me on that please

  33. Amazon FBA are rip pff merchants. No money in it

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