Amazon FBA For Beginners – How to handle TANKING PRICES

Amazon FBA For Beginners - How to handle TANKING PRICES

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11 Thoughts to “Amazon FBA For Beginners – How to handle TANKING PRICES”

  1. I don't worry about tanking prices as I look for high velocity items and I try not to purchase anything that doesn't sell a minimum 60 units a month with less than 30 sellers on the listing. So far so good using that strategy..but still learning!

  2. What repricer do you use? As my catalog is growing and it's getting harder to reprice manually

  3. Great video! Hate the price tank! Newbies should learn not to undercut!

  4. Thank you so much for the video today because it's exactly what's happening to me. I only started a month ago and am already losing money, sometimes the price tanks before I can get it listed on FBA. Is the re-pricier you're talking about another thing to pay for? I just match prices myself a few times a day. You explain things very clearly and I really appreciate the videos for us new people.

  5. Hey garret, off topic question, but when you scout books from thrift stores and send it to FBA do you mark then new or used? Sorry I know it’s nothing to do with this video, just figured I’d ask since it’s your most recent video! Just started FBA a month ago! You inspire me 🙂

  6. I wish these price tankers understood that a tanking prices doesn’t necessarily win the buy box. If they just price their products within a reasonable range, everyone gets their sales. In my short time selling on Amazon, I’ve learned that “patience” and “volume” is better than earning pennies on a sale because of tanked prices.

  7. Hey Garret great advice in regards to setting up your repricer. Lots of folks tend to have thiers setup to undercut the competitors by .01 and when you have more than one person the races to the bottom ensues. Great content my friend as always and keep up the good work!!!

  8. Big ups Chandler! I use to live off of 48th. Hey I’m dealing with that rn on some products. Very insightful video dude, my ‘coach’ couldn’t even break that down for me like you did. Which re-pricer tool do you use?

  9. I'm only 15 and a half and you truly inspire me to do what you do. Love that this is a choice (uploading to youtube) not an obligation, that you share everything you know and help us out. Thank you so much❤🌟

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