Amazon FBA For Beginners | How FAST Can You Make Money on Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA For Beginners | How FAST Can You Make Money on Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA For Beginners
Have you ever wondered how fast you can make money on Amazon FBA? In this video I get honest with you!

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• Get a quick tour of Seller Central, the portal for all things Selling on Amazon.
• Set Up Account Info Quick Start Guide. Learn how to: Edit your seller information, Edit Your Listing Status, Modify Your Selling Plan, Add Deposit and charge methods, Edit Your Business Information, Add Return Address For Customers
• How FBA Works
• How To Package Your Products
• How To Convert Products to FBA
• Your First Shipment Part 1
• Your First Shipment Part 2 Labeling
• FAQ: Storage limits, returns, what happens when Amazon gets my products? Can you sell your products while they are in transit to Amazon? Why do I have to ship to more than one location?
• Your First Shipment Part 2 Shipping and Choosing a carrier
• Learn how to use Manage Orders in Seller Central to process and fulfill your orders.
• Two Step Verification For Your Account
• The Difference Between the Professional and Individual Seller Plans
• Payments: How you get paid
• How To Add A New Product in Amazon Seller Central
• How To Match To An Existing Listing
• How To Manage Inventory
• How To Use Inventory Reports
• How To Create Product Variations
• Adding A New Product Style Guide
• How To Use An Inventory File
• How To Use An Inventory File Advance
• How To Set Up Automated Pricing (Repricer)
• Amazon Buy Box Overview
• How To Win The Buy Box
• How To GET UNGATED in categories!
• Listing restrictions and product restrictions

♥Discover Your Purpose
♥Outsourcing Form When Working with India
♥Sales Prospecting And Closing Script
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Amazon FBA For Beginners


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28 Thoughts to “Amazon FBA For Beginners | How FAST Can You Make Money on Amazon FBA?”

  1. Very informative video Ms Montgomery!! Thank u from the bottom of my heart….for "keeping it real" in explaining how things truly work in this field and in this endeavor!!!

  2. You are so sweet and generous to share such encouragement and valuable information. Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  3. Thank you for the honesty! Interesting chanel!

  4. Thank you so much for the down to earth approach. I am just starting to dig and appreciate info. I really have a desire to be getting this process down in 2-3 months. Is that possible? There is so much info out there I’m trying to organize it all.

  5. hello AIMEE I LIKE YOUR VIDEO,I HAVE PROBLEM I WAS IN EUROPA and when i wanted to put some books,they ask me abour what barcode i need to use i dont know what happened with amazone ind for this reason i cannot go more far ,About whar barcode they talk can you help me in simple explanation thanks

  6. I lost $16k last year selling on Amazon and am set to lost more this year. Am totally done with the amazon selling scam. . .

  7. Damn 10 months before they get any return

  8. Did I miss something or was this video focused on retail arbitrage and not FBA??

  9. You have the most honest opinion on FBA, thanks for the info

  10. Aimee, I came across your video while I am watching videos on product research for Amazon FBA. I agree…you come across as transparent and honest. I appreciate it, especially when so many people are pushing their own agenda. Anyway, I am new to Amazon FBA and I am not looking for a quick buck or get rich quick scheme. I am approaching this as an entrepreneurial journey. For starters, an additional income along side my professional career in SaaS and then being a full-time entrepreneur. 🙂

  11. Hey! how can i contact you for personal advising? please let me know 😀
    best regards

  12. I got a bank account and amazon ripped me off 40 bucks before I got started so I filed fraud charges on them. I been tryin for a year to get goin on amazon and never posted cause they want a credit card! They dont help poor people get started like ebay. Ebay lets you use pay pal and im doing good there. I hate amazon cause they think were all rich or something.

  13. I'm disappointed it requires a bank account to be a seller. I hate banks but beyond that, last time i tried, i couldn't get an account because of my credit and when i was on my husband, creditors came and took their money. I hope to be making enough money in a year to be able to start paying my debt off but will fail if they take my business money that i need to be able to grow my business.

  14. you are so positive… thank you 🙂

  15. I would love for you to do reviews on the FBA courses offered by Tanner J Fox, THATlifestyle Ninja, and any others that are all over YouTube.

    Would you say their courses and info is viable? Or are they "selling a dream" and pushing their course?

  16. I have my first product listed on amazon. It's been on for a week with no sales yet despite doing everything taught. I have heard people say their product was selling the first day. I found it discouraging. Am I just being impatient?

  17. Dear Aimee, my name is Maria and wonder if I can contact you privately? Only for questions and places, I have to sell. Thanks, I will have left my email for you but don't know if this is allowed or not, I don't come very often to youtube. And it is absolutely right you are very honest.

  18. Can i have your email please so that i contact you for business?

  19. What would you say is the minimal and/or optimal amount of money to invest as a startout on amazon fba? (private labeling)

  20. Thank you for the feedback because I was looking for someone to be upfront about how to get started everyone that I have seen on this subject has always made it seem like it's so easy and I just appreciate someone really putting it out there because that's exactly what I would have done

  21. Ref 3:43 – "The next thing you really want to think about is the number of products that you need in order to really make an income."

    Ref 4:03 – "… you need about a thousand products in Amazon in inventory before you start to actually make money before you make anything substantial."

    Aimee Montgomery, did you mean a thousand units of you chosen product? It is significant to make this distinction, because a thousand products is A LOT of merchandise to find and source, and it is going to take years to build a store with a thousand products. Now, if you were talking about stocking a thousand units of a product, then it seems less daunting a task in order to start making an income.

  22. Hi Aimee, I like your help and the way you explain the Amazon business. I'm from Canada an want to start an OA ( online Arbitrage ) and need to know if you recommand some sites/apps that helps finding products to flip and also need a USA pick and pack company( as I'm in Canada ). Do you any recommendations or already existing videos related to that ?

  23. I love that you are being honest. Do you think that it's worth getting into FBA with less than 500€? Also you mentioned that ebay is a faster way of getting money, could you get more into that in another video? Thanks in advance you got yourself a new sub!

  24. I like this. I'm thinking about doing FBA. Just don't know what to sell. Heard great things about jungle scout

  25. Hey

    Do you know some FBA seller from Europe (Belgium) on
    I mean, do you know the processes we have to follow.


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