Amazon FBA Facebook Groups are SCAMS!! (WARNING)

Amazon FBA Facebook Groups are SCAMS!! (WARNING)

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🤔 Video Breakdown 👇
Today I am going to breakdown why I dislike Amazon FBA Facebook Groups and help you be aware of what is going on inside these groups so you don’t get scammed! I hope you Champs enjoy and really appreciate you listening to my rant. Hit that subscribe button for me 🙂

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27 Thoughts to “Amazon FBA Facebook Groups are SCAMS!! (WARNING)”

  1. Yes it has felt like it’s too much! I just want to speak to people that are like me just starting out or ask experienced sellers to help me grow!

  2. About a week after joining the FB group FBA Today, I get an DM with a link for free FBM teaching. I start looking through the videos, then they DM me again to set up a conference with Sun Young to become his mentee and get access to his training program. It didn't sound like a scam, but seems like it was way overpriced. And no, I didn't buy the program.

  3. Hi Trevin! Amazon FBA is all new to me and I keep coming to your channel for inspiration and motivation:) I use my main personal email for my Amazon buyers account. Should I use another email address when signing up for my Amazon seller account? What’s your advice? Thank you in advance:)

  4. Great advise Trevin yeah a lot of ppl out there not being honest gotta be careful thanks again great advise keep rocking it.

  5. Hey Trevin, could you please accept my noon request on your fb group? I have been following your videos since a while, I believe your Facebook group also adds some value.

  6. Guys TREVIN is the real deal he’s very good at what he does, I’ve know him for a bit now, integrity is important and he’s got lots of it. Appreciate, your video bro
    Have a blessed day brother. 🙏🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  7. Hi Trevin, thanks for your generous sharing. I have learned much from you. I have an urgent problem now which I hope you can help me with. My Amazon Seller Account has been deactivated. I had opened the account in early June. Everything was fine but, all of a sudden, it was deactivated. What do I do now? Please advise. Thank you.

  8. Hi Trevin, do you honestly think there is still good opportunities for newbies to start selling private label on Amazon (UK to be precise)? A lot of newbies have a fear that obviously the people doing it for years are killing it and there is less space for Amazon newbies July 2020 post lockdown.

  9. Why is ASM11 running MBS Retriever instead of Helium or J Scout, what is you opinion on that?

  10. Hi Trevin, love that you are doing all of this at such a young age. Really inspiring for all people to see. Where did you get your inspiration to start your Amazon journey and become an entrepreneur? I am a primary school teacher and we never had these kinds of role models back in the day. What were your favourite subjects at school?

  11. I made it as usual Trevin

  12. Trevin, as always I made it to the end of your video. I really appreciate your passion and integrity for your business and your students, but more than that. The people who are just trying to start and make a difference in their lives. I hope you keep posting videos to help not just me, but all the other people who are just starting as well! Best FBA YouTuber I know! Side note… Finally got Helium10 and applied for an LLC! I’m pumped!!

  13. hi im try to conect to you trought on insstagram i wanna start on amazon and see if you csn help me

  14. Thanks bro . I’m grateful for the warnings

  15. Yeah… Actually some girl added me from a Facebook live that someone did… Next thing you know she is telling me that she is a product sourcer for online arbitrage from the Philippines… Ugh…

  16. Thoughts on amazon automation?

  17. Hi Trevin, I always make it to the end of your videos because they are well thought out, professional, honest, and useful! Indeed you are the most genuine FBA person I've come across online. Thank you for the high-quality content.

  18. There is always someone who dislikes lol I wonder who that is. Great content 👍🤜🔥

  19. I just recently started following Facebook pages. Thank you for this!

  20. What's a good Facebook group? Tell us those that are good groups. Help us find the right groups

  21. Im a beginner and enjoy your videos. I have watched a lot of them. Keep up the great work and except me on FB group 😆

  22. Great info Trevin, yeah I get what your saying, so many times people say DM me, and it would be tempting to take them up on whatever they re offering. good call us newbies need to be aware. Thanks

  23. Bro your the best keep up the good work man . Much love!

  24. 🔥thanks for clearing this up Trevin!

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