Amazon Arbitrage Plans for Dec. 2019

Amazon Arbitrage Plans for Dec. 2019

📌Buy Buy Buy – There are going to be great deals available now, not only for Christmas Q4 but although Q1 through to Q3. Look at the Keepa charts for products that sell all year round or might be great sellers in summer but are super cheap now
📌Sell Sell Sell – I am getting all the Christmas products priced right so that I make the most profit now, but I will ensure they are sold out by the 22nd December
📌Ship Ship Ship – My last shipment for Christmas Presents will be going in on the Friday 13th December. I will still be sending shipments in after this, but not for Christmas sales
📌Cash Cash Cash – I have some great credit limits on my cards, but I need to ensure that I can pay the bills. So I want to know when all the bills are due and how much cash I need to pay them
📌Review Review Review – I will be taking an hour out a week to reflect and to document my learnings from the successes but also my failures this. I am building a learning guide for Q4 next year, to make it better and now is the best time to write this.
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