Am I Faking It Till I Make It?!

Am I Faking It Till I Make It?!

I received a comment which basically said that I am faking it till I make it, copying Bencb and Gary Vee, and asks why I think I have the right to give advice.. let’s talk about that!

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6 Thoughts to “Am I Faking It Till I Make It?!”

  1. Hey man, I really don't comment often on anything but I followed you a while back when I was playing poker. I think it's great that you're making a change and aiming for something different! You clearly are very good at something when you get your teeth into it! My two cents, and I know it propably won't mean much, but be careful of the GaryVee vibe! I love GaryVee but fell into the trap myself once or twice. Gary knows his shit, but sometimes I find it's too easy to love the grind 'vibe' rather than the grind itself.
    Just because Gary is doing SMM doesn't mean that's got to be your gig too! You know what your strengths are, make sure you actually double down on them.
    Create, create, create, but make sure what you're creating has a purpose. Currently I think it's a little wishy-washy. Hopefully you find something solid to focus on 🙂

    All the best.

  2. I watched more than a few videos where you try to explain what exactly are you selling and how do you plan to monetize it, and still don’t have a slightest clue what that is.

    As you said “I’m sharing my perspective”, that’s basically all I see you do. You review other people content and adding your two cents on top of it. My first question regarding it is; Why do you think you should be followed/listened? What have you accomplished so far in that field that will make people actually follow your guidance just because you have opinion on it? Everybody has opinions, right? I have opinions on various subjects such as corona virus, how to raise a baby, nuclear physics, but that doesn’t mean I should advise people on any of that, because I have 0 experience or certified knowledge on it. You said “I’ve been getting my expertise by doing it myself already”. How does Instagram account with 240 followers or twitter account that doesn’t reach more than 10 likes and 2 retweets avg counts as expertise? Literally anyone can reach that level in a week or two and you’ve been doing it for years, with big effort iirc.

    My second question is how do you plan to monetize it? What is the endgame here? How does one lost soul come to you, of all the places in the world, and decides to invest into 21 yo kid with no life experience and pay you for advices or whatever are you selling here. Like izpauli said, you are 21 yo, still living at parents house, streaming poker and stagnating in viewer numbers for years and suddenly start a business where you become some kind of life guru, motivational speaker or something.

    I’m not trying to troll or discourage you, I really want answers because I can’t see how this works out. Hope you don't find this offensive, best of luck in whatever you decide to do next.

  3. The community you created in your poker discord is great. It's not easy to create and maintain such a group of people. I also really enjoy the content you've helped create for RYE.

    After watching the last two videos, I also don't know exactly where you are headed but I don't feel like I need to know either. I am curious about where you go from here and so I will follow you on your journey. Wish you the best for the coming months.

  4. Maybe without as much salt as in the last video: You just assume everyone here knows your background, but if one watches your new YouTube from a neutral perspective it is very unclear where you come from, who you are and what your skills are.

    Why do people want to listen to your help? How are you making a career out of this? I am still unsure what your business plan is even after this. You are aiming to be an Internet/ Social Media/ Life-help-guru? So you watch Gary Vee, give your opinion on him helping others and add extra value like this. While this is a nice intention and shows great spirit, I don't know what it is that makes you a great life consultant/ why people would seek your help in their everyday/business struggles apart from the fact that you work with RYE and have a poker Insta. Good luck on your journey, I hope you're not offended (again). #positivity

  5. awf

    To jump into the end of the video there..
    There is so much going on many of you don't get to see, also behind the scenes even active community members don't always see.
    One of the biggest things is the blog section Stevie started back in 2019, giving people a platform to share their own story and path, get advice from Stevie but also the whole community,
    and that helped many people tremendously on their way, not only on their poker journey but in life in general.

    I could give you tons of examples how and where Stevie helped me in the past 3 years but just to mention 2 of them.. Through Stevie I found what I actually want to be doing in life and
    he showed me an alternative at a time where I didn't know what to do after poker was over and not only that.. I would've had to get back to my old job which I hated at some point after that
    but Stevie took that risk and gave me a job and now we are working together, you could actually say that if it wasn't for Stevie I would now be doing 10h shifts in a restaurant but instead.. I can work from home on something I enjoy doing wit the most important aspect being that I can be with my son and family 24/7.

  6. I watched the video and I do still wonder, what is your business? How do you turn what you are doing right now into making money?

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