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Almost $100,000 in 2 Years on Merch By Amazon & More

Almost $100,000 in 2 Years on Merch By Amazon & More

I’m hoping to cross the 100K mark in earnings on Merch By Amazon soon. Here are some tips for Merch, Spreadshirt and RedBubble. Learn how to make more money online selling T-shirts online using print on demand.

Struggling to find low competition keywords for POD? Want to get FREE traffic to your designs without paying for advertising. Take My POD Niche Shop Success course so you can find at least ONE profitable niche to focus on and grow instead of chasing all the wrong keywords that will end up too competitive over time.

Enroll at the link below before the price increases. (I always increase my prices as I add more valuable content, so lock in the one-time fee now for lifetime updates.)



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50 thoughts on “Almost $100,000 in 2 Years on Merch By Amazon & More

  1. So it's 2020 and I bet you're wondering how are things going now.

    The competition makes it much more challenging to get organic sales (no advertising). However, Merch is still my number one earner and I do make 4 figures per month with no issue. However, I have the early adopter advantage.

    I am always thinking ahead and around the time this video was made I started focusing on a niche and created a shop that targeted one audience. This was a keyword/niche I found on Merch. I created social media accounts to promote it and my income in this niche has been growing since I started.

    I do everything under the same brand/shop name instead of my name, so all my social accounts use the brand name for consistency.

    Even though Merch is still the best POD for me, you need to have realistic expectations now. Can you make thousands per month like me if you just started? Yes, but it's a lot harder.

    I think a few hundreds per month is a lot more realistic for most, but you HAVE to understand keyword research or you won't even do that. I can tell by video comments that most of you aren't getting this all-important strategy.

    I have several videos in my Print on Demand playlist on keyword research.

    POD should be nothing more than a side hustle for most people. If you want to make serious money doing this, build a brand on one niche audience like I've done. Focus all your energy on serving that audience with unique designs. It will take longer, but the growth will be steady. Merch income is NOT reliable at all.

    Use Merch or other POD sites as a research tool to find niches that are untapped. So if you sell 10 shirts in a month to one niche audience, it may be time to branch out and start a niche shop somewhere and focus on serving that niche. That's exactly what I did and it was the best decision I made.

    Ten years from now I am going to be earning from this niche. I can't say the same thing about my Merch income. Diversify and look at the BIG picture and stop putting all your eggs in one basket. That's the number one entrepreneur strategy that has kept me going for 13+ years. I never rely on one source of income and you shouldn't either.

    You can download my free guide for more tips on getting started with POD.

  2. Excellent Job I been doing the income reports on my own youtube channel and going to do one tomorrow!

  3. Thanks Boss, you're the best.

  4. Lisa, how can I get in touch with you?

  5. Bless you woman! 🤟 Nothin' but pure gold 👑 advices! Thanks for the help. 🙏😌

  6. Hey Lisa
    Can i still apply for MBA in sept 2020????

  7. Lisa would you be open to teach me one on one for a fee? I'm new to it and would love ur guidance since ur honest and legit.

  8. Full service to increase sales on Amazon, you should contact them at ungatehub.com

  9. Are you doing any external marketing or just using organic?

  10. Amazon merch just do shirts ? I just find videos about shirts

  11. 10:00 I don't see free designs like your screen. How could I find them? Thank you!

  12. Lisa! Thank you so much for your honest spirit!

  13. do you still offer courses?

  14. Hi Lisa can I do this work, let me k ow how much time in needed to do this and waht time is required to earn?

  15. Lisa it seems you are very rare youtuber that speaks truth, most other make money on line gurus are fake, i watched your clips and it seems you are 100% legit Entrepreneur. Thank you for your tips, great work.

  16. You are a natural teacher. Thanks for breaking it down.
    I appreciate your information. Just Subscribed. 🙌

  17. How to get accepted by merch? How is teespring? Red bubble is banning me?

  18. Lady, you are a genius, the most relevant video on print on demand! Thank you!

  19. Hi Lisa! Thanks for being so open and genuine!

  20. This business is super passive. That’s why I love it! 💕

  21. is it still worth it for 2020? and how long it took you to design 2200 designs? that is a lot of designs. Great video thank you. any advice for ppl just starting now

  22. you have great energy, thanks for sharing your Merch knowledge. I'm a graphic designer just got accepted to Merch today can't wait to start!!

  23. Q: After uploading onto products, how do you submit them to the market. All my products remain in 'Draft Mode", and I have no idea why. I do not see where to submit them to the market.

  24. Hi Lisa, valuable video here. Question though, how much did you make at this stage?

  25. Lisa, I recently discovered this video. I'd like to know why you hide your t-shirt stores?

  26. Love the video! Question for you: Is that nearly $100K in gross sales or net?

  27. Lisa how do you feel about selling on Amazon now, especially since it’s been a year since this video came out?

  28. Do you have to have a LLC company or something to start this?

  29. I am loving your content Lisa! I have listened to so many of your videos and got especially excited about the Merch vids. However I got rejected by Amazon today😭. Any advice? Should I try again? It makes me so sad especially since I feel like I got more design experience than a lot of people on there (not trying to belittle anyone, just saying) .. Not sure what made them decide to reject me. They just said they won't extend an invitation to me. I am so bummed!

  30. Lisa u are awesome girl, i love watching you, thank u for charing that

  31. Lisa, Thank you for your videos. I started watching them a week ago and I just got accepted by Merch by Amazon yesterday. I'm so excited.

  32. I need merch by amazon account, Can anyone give me one account. I'll very grateful to you.

  33. Hi there, i 'd like to know waht 's the difference between –text, –design and –typeset when i check trademark. if for example a word is trademarked as design can i use it as a text? sorry for my english thanks

  34. Hi,
    I like your video and I just subscribed to your channel.
    I start this week merching by Amazon and I designed all my 10 t-shirt they are all live now could please help me how to sell them in Amazon? And I want you see them and give me your opinion. Only go to Amazon and search for NKDM T-shirt.
    Thank you.

  35. I love your content and your authenticity. Thank you for sharing.

  36. hi….I cant see my designs which are live on (merch by amazon)
    When searching using their titles on amazon. can you help me please…best reards

  37. To create a website lady ….how are you😁

  38. Redbubble seems very competitive.

  39. Do you still have any courses for this? I am lucky if I sell one shirt in a week. I know it's designs and style. I would love to take a class with you.

  40. Thanks Lisa, such a big help.

  41. Thanks for that, Lisa. It's great to get such excellent advice from someone who really knows what they are doing.

  42. I barely make money with Merch. Its pennies. Thats why Im doing Shopify Dropshipping instead

  43. When you say cross two niches, those two niches can be any niche or have to be low competition niches too?

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