Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads (FB Ads Overview)

Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads (FB Ads Overview)

This video is from my new Facebook Ads course ( ) and I go over an overview of affiliate marketing with FB Ads!

I consider Facebook Ads a powerhouse traffic source for affiliate marketers because there is over 2 billion monthly active users which makes scaling campaigns easier than other traffic sources.

The targeting capabilities with Facebook Ads is unmatched! You can upload an email list to Facebook and have them create look-a-like audiences based on the emails & they’ll create an audience for you that are similar to those people.

Lastly, I cover the importance of a newer feature FB Ads came out with which is the “Dynamic Creatives” where you can let Facebook split test anywhere from 2-10 images along with multiple ad text, headlines, descriptions and CTA’s variations.

By having Facebook do all the split testing you can save time and use this time to work on other aspects of your campaign like split testing landing pages or creating autoresponder series!

I hope you enjoyed this video 🙂

PS – read more about how to promote affiliate offers on Facebook Ads here 👉

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  1. If you have any questions or concerns make sure to drop comment & I'll try to respond ASAP. Also, check out for more FB Ads training.

  2. Dope Kody…

    Glad to see someone leveraging email marketing..

    Does this method require a tracker like Vollum?


  3. Haha Kody ya got a greenscreen! Awesome stuff man, looks awesome!

  4. What will be best for long time business fb ads or bing ads

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