AFFILIATE MARKETING for Beginners in 2019 (Tutorial)

AFFILIATE MARKETING for Beginners in 2019 (Tutorial)

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8 Thoughts to “AFFILIATE MARKETING for Beginners in 2019 (Tutorial)”

  1. I saw your video yesterday on Instagram followers etc., this one is good too… (Somewhat) if one has a IG account on keto and fitness and has grown their account to 1k followers… how do you go about promoting this type of product on the IG page. Since you did one on FB and displayed the reverse engineer method… how would you find one like it on IG? In other words, what type of post would you do to help promote this offer? Would you consistently do the same thing as you did on FB?

  2. What is name of that other affliate website besides click bank. You were saying the name to fast for me to write it down

  3. Hey man will you please check out how my squeeze page and bridge page look?

    Anyone else wanna join me in ClickBank university?

  4. Blessings and peace ❣️Excellent work 🌻

  5. I have been watching your videos more than a year but I couldn't made any money please show me the Best way

  6. Sir please tell me the Best way to make money

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