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Advanced Retargeting Facebook Ad Strategy 2019

Advanced Retargeting Facebook Ad Strategy 2019

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DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.


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27 thoughts on “Advanced Retargeting Facebook Ad Strategy 2019

  1. Best video on Retargeting i have seen yet and no BS. Thanks buddy for making this video.

  2. Awesome video man. Thanks a lot 🙂

  3. Providing us value in the afterlife like a true king. RIP

  4. Came back to look at another of your video, rest in peace man!

  5. So if the population of the custom audience is below a 1000 what should i do then? because my ads won't be showing then.

  6. Can't actually believe it.

  7. Probably the best value out of the 100 videos i watched in this week.
    Thumbs up, ive been looking at a detail retargeting campagin like this for so long as I'm selling a High ticket item, 150$. I am getting very low conversion. May I ask if its okay to lose money on my LOW conversion campaign just to draw traffic? It has very low CPC and HIGH initiated Checkouts but almost no purchase.

  8. helping people still from the other side

  9. Don't love the f bomb in the intro

  10. XKM

    RIP BRO. Thank you for everything.

  11. Too bad I can't change an existing add to say "Shop Now"…

  12. My Dear Friends & BlackHatWorld Community,

    It is with overwhelming sadness that I must inform you all that on January 14th, Chris passed away. There was no foul play and we strongly believe that it was not intentional. Out of respect for Chris and his family, I will not be going into the exact details surrounding his death, and I ask that you kindly do the same if you comment on this post.

    Chris exemplified what it meant to strive for greatness, to go against the grain, and to challenge the status quo.

    In September of 2018, Chris started a small YouTube channel in hopes of helping others who sought financial freedom and an escape from mediocrity. Little did he know that the channel would grow to over 80,000 subscribers.

    Through the simple act of sharing knowledge, Chris brought us all together. Despite living in a world so polarized and full of hate, Chris believed in people. He wanted nothing more than for us to become the best versions of ourselves – even outside of business. And he believed in each and every one of you.

  13. I really like that your naming convention is clean and organized. I've seen so many with crazy Ads Manager lol

  14. ROYALS. I can't wait for the day I get a call. The group page is so amazing so helpful and helping me scale my store. I really get better everyday watching along. Thanks for the content to learn and the TRUTH.

  15. Guys can you retarget if you have about 9 sales and about 512 link clicks?

  16. Wow that was interesting. Thanks for the valuable info man.

  17. Rad man!! THANK YOU! THE KING

  18. You look like the child of Frodo and Zac Efron. (Great video btw thanks!)

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