Advanced Instagram Marketing – How To Get Followers, Leads, and Sales | 03/20/19 | #WaterCooler

Advanced Instagram Marketing - How To Get Followers, Leads, and Sales | 03/20/19 | #WaterCooler

Facebook marketing experts Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin have turned their attention to Instagram. They’re sharing how to get followers, leads, and sales on the increasingly popular platform.

Instagram is no longer the future of social media: it’s very much the present. Learn everything you need to know about Instagram marketing in this must-watch episode of the #WaterCooler.

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28 Thoughts to “Advanced Instagram Marketing – How To Get Followers, Leads, and Sales | 03/20/19 | #WaterCooler”

  1. Try this tool to get followers, leads, and sales on Instagram: Provu ĉi tiun ilon por akiri partianojn, gvidojn kaj vendojn ĉe Instagram

  2. Just discovered you here on YouTus love your content so much I just subbed ❤️

  3. Your Channel is great, keep up the good work and content 🙂

  4. Your Channel is great, keep up the good work and content 🙂

  5. You can make people unfollow you now

  6. Amazing where is the Video for Facebook??!

  7. Hi I just recently joined and I am only able to post 6 photos, after that they just disappear. I have only followed 3 accounts so far. is it because my account is too new and there are restrictions on how many pictures I post a day or is it based on how much activity the account has as well as how many people I follow and how many likes that I do in order to post more photos? There seems to be no answer on this by searching the internet. Would you please help me with this, thank you

  8. The smirl plug was not smooth at all

  9. The only real website that works for me personally and gives me instagram free followers is SMM EMPIRE, find it on google – Take my word for it, But for real I tried different websites too but none of those have worked just like SMM EMPIRE hehe

  10. 😂😂 I had to comment because I was literally listening to this…in the bathroom…while on Instagram.

  11. This Video was awesome definitely took some notes !

  12. I makefunny videos. Do I have to post everyday? I mean IK some people with like 4 million followers and they only have like 250 posts. they post once a week. how about that?

  13. One of the best instagram videos I’ve seen yet. Great job!

  14. I love all your updates here on Youtube. These techniques work amazing when applied with consistency and it really does generate many leads for your real estate business. I notice many realtors providing great value in their post and stories both on Instagram and Facebook, but fail to work on their following.

  15. for some reason I can't share any posts in my stories, someone knows how I can fix this please

  16. There is actually a way to make people unfollowed you. You just go to the followers tab and click the three dots to the right and click "remove".

  17. Great video! The Promo team recently wrote a blog also about marketing on Instagram that could be helpful for people looking for another resource related to this topic.
    You can check it out here:
    Hope it helps and happy reading!

  18. Sometimes embellishments and captions come across as professional ads and I then don't pay attention to them.

  19. Is it a good strategy to follow and unfollow ? When you say we follow people and then comment on their strategy – do we unfollow them ?

  20. Great great video guys
    I can't understand why this is underrated .
    You guys are the best

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  22. For the screen recordings you can set the screen recording to actually record audio too. So you can talk while you screen record and it'll capture your voice

  23. Can someone dm me the Instagram plan? @youbeeverywheretravelagency

  24. So glad to see you guys back crushing it on Watercooler. Cheers fellas!

  25. 31 minutes on IG (50 on FB)

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