Advanced Custom Fields Tutorial: Create a WordPress Movie Review Website

In this tutorial, we combine Elementor and ACF (Advanced Custom Fields plugin) to create a dynamic movie review website on WordPress:
You’ll learn how to:

✓ Use dynamic content
✓ Create custom post types with CPT UI
✓ Create custom fields with ACF
✓ Build an archive template with Elementor
✓ Build a single template with Elementor

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29 Thoughts to “Advanced Custom Fields Tutorial: Create a WordPress Movie Review Website”

  1. Thanks for this video it's very informative and detail explanation.keep it up 😀

  2. Brilliant stuff. Is there a way to have the site users rate the movie and for that rating (or average of ratings) to appear in one of the ACF fields?

  3. Thank you for this. And now for the interesting part;: how do you create entries for directors or actors and create the relationships so you can display all movies that have actor X starring in or you can display an actor and list all movies he starred in? Making entries like director or actress manual work seems to be quite static and unflexible. You can never keep your data up to date that way.

  4. Can i get this template from you

  5. Great video please add a video about filtering plugin facetwp or and search filter pro which is best for Elementor?

  6. S L

    Is it responsive possible?

  7. how can I use the template created in to a post? it does not working. please help

  8. Wow! Wow! Wow! You're the best online teacher I've come across on the internet this year 2020. You make complex concepts seem so simple. thank you so much.

  9. Hi. Thanks for the amazing Tutorial. I followed every steps and created just like this. But it doesn't show on my website front page. How can I link this to the page I label MOVIE on my website front page? Thanks.

  10. How i can show only 1 category of movies, like ACTION movies on a single page?.

  11. thanks that was awesome! but it takes forever to do few movies? any options where you can upload data fro csv to speed up the uplo
    ad process?

  12. WOW great job
    How to filter the Movies by Genres?(by search or buttons)

  13. Thanks for the great enlightenment!

  14. Fix your mic or recording studio. Sound waves are bouncing off the walls…..

  15. How I Use This Archive Temp??

  16. obviously we need Elementor Pro? each video with elementor and acf never mentioned PRO version

  17. My theme doesn't support custom fields. I can't use ACF properly. I must use this theme because it's the only one that has the kind of features I'm looking for. Any pointers to help fix this?

  18. can we do this work with completely free plugins?

  19. This is amazing! For the Latest Movies column, is there a way to make the site show random movies each time, instead of the latest ones?

  20. Do you know how to pul video from a post on blog archive page using ACF? So when I post with featured image it will pull featured image and when I post video it will pull video post on blog archive page?

  21. So, you added those genres (around 9 minutes…). Just wondering if you can search with those? If you'd added them to your single page or something? So if you ONLY wanted horror movies to come up, how would that work?

  22. Please make this without elementor pro. Make this website for free.

  23. how do you create a custom search bar with 2 dropdowns filter and an input text field with elementor? also how do you show the results?

  24. How about sorting properties. 🙂

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