8 Things Dropshippers Do on eBay That Make Absolutely ZERO Sense

8 Things Dropshippers Do on eBay That Make Absolutely ZERO Sense

These things drive me nuts! Here are 8 things drop shippers do on eBay that make absolutely zero sense. Avoid these mistakes:

1. They don’t use repricers
2. They list manually
3. They list anything and everything

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4. They spend thousands to learn from a guru or they pay a guru to set up their Ebay stores for them.
5. They price their items too high
6. They don’t become tax exempt
7. They don’t use cash back websites
8. They don’t get started

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20 Thoughts to “8 Things Dropshippers Do on eBay That Make Absolutely ZERO Sense”

  1. I can't 100% trust repricing they like to update prices in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping. Someone can buy at 11pm and it goes up before I buy it. If there is a good sale I will look at when the sale ends and update my profit numbers before going to bed.

  2. I got flagged I’m pretty sure. I think it’s because of the location issue

  3. Is it too late to start honestly?

  4. One eBay account . I want to dropship from amazon and Ali . Item locates both china and us . Have it affect to my ebay

  5. If you are using Home Depot as your source you can maximize your profits by doing price match, discounts, coupons, and get shipping fees waived on standard or express delivery. My VAs found over $4000 for me in the last 3 months!!!

  6. Hello. What repricing software do you recommend? I've been drop shipping to ebay.

  7. I always appreciate your content, please don't get sketchy though. You're smart, you know what's allowed and not allowed on eBay now.

  8. Paul Softwares will make you fallaged right ?

  9. Great video and congrats on getting 32k subs recently. I just hit 150 a couple weeks ago.

  10. did you know something called ' flagged account ' !!!

  11. How are you able to factor in ebay and paypal fees while keeping your listing price competitive?

  12. Hey Paul.. Can you do a vid on how to become tax exempt… if you already did can you point me to that video.. TIA
    You truly do an amazing job!!

  13. Hey Paul, what price checking and posting software do you recommend? I became tax exempt and started my store around 2 weeks ago. I have 24 items and have $1517 in sales right now and want to post more but it takes time…

  14. I'm guessing that Sully thumbed this video down due to reason #1 😉

  15. I feel like I definitely fell into the not starting trap. I had started and was doing good. But then we had a kid and started doing renovations to our house (which I’m doing most of the work) and I feel like all my spare time went right down the drain. But in a few months our kid will be in daycare. Our renovations will be done. And I’ll have more time to work on the business and crush it.

  16. when you put the zip code ebay requests do you put your house or your suppliers?

  17. I have just discovered that I will NEVER sell a freight item again. Way too much hassle. LOL

  18. Hu paul make a video for international dropshiping

  19. Great video Paul thanks for sharing it with us.

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