8 Business Strategies You Can Start in Quarantine | Tea With GaryVee

8 Business Strategies You Can Start in Quarantine | Tea With GaryVee

This was a very tactical morning on “Tea With GaryVee”. The callers had questions around building brands and running businesses during the COVID-19 quarantine. The advice Gary had for each caller is different but they share common themes around the importance of social media during these times. While Gary always believes social media is an important part of a business’s overall strategy, it is even more important during harder times like now. The businesses in this episode range from a single employee, to personal brands, and more so there is tons of value for all business owners at every level… Enjoy!


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47 Thoughts to “8 Business Strategies You Can Start in Quarantine | Tea With GaryVee”

  1. Lol, I heard the intro and loved it! Amazing!

  2. Haha Triple date- can I come via zoom or something? But seriously thanks Gary for this content! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. “Business Mentors my F*n Dick!” Love your honesty 🙏🏾❤️

  4. “Both very handsome asian men” 🤣🤣🤣 Thank god he’s funny

  5. This one is SO good. Guys and girls I’m really looking to connect with some of you. I’m a super focused person, looking to better myself and the world. Would love to talk with you and have a support network 👏💭

  6. sure, the audience decide some times.

  7. Great Q/A, Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. amazing gary did it again! the very special way of getting healty …thumbs up guys! for a change this year!

  9. Love how consistent Gary is, if you genuinely listen to what he says and actually follow through, the results show! I started a daily vlog and am releasing a personal brand business around helping people find their passions and double down on it, couldnt of done it without Garys videos. If i can give any advice to anyone watching or anyone first finding out who Gary is or for people who have been old time fans… Just go out and do! It works!!

  10. Great show and tactics dropped.

  11. I love Gary Vee! I listened to his advice on TikTok and I have 16K followers now. Thank you Gary!

  12. lookin for female podcast cohost/producer…must like food cannabis and 1 br apartments….so. florida area @comedycommentor on twitter

  13. Very well produced show. Thumbs up for team that does all the tech stuff on @Garyvee team.

  14. Daily Energy! Thank you Gary!

  15. When he said sure i'll be on you podcast because of this "little cutie" who else thought he meant the guys wife

  16. Hearing these different real life situations will definitely a stock knowledge to implement.

  17. This is so awesome! So many great contents here. It's simply gold! Should I have found this earlier, I could have done a lot more!

    Thanks a lot Gary and the company. ☝️❤🙏

  18. 0:48 working with family

    9:10 quantity vs quality in content creation/ Who define the quality of my content?

    15:20 Engagement on social platforms

    23:50 When should I hire my first employee?

    32:00 On influencers

    42:30 On personal brand

    46:12 When is the best time to throw a right hook?

    53:33 Getting confidence on putting your content on social media

  19. Gary Always giving great business advice, my last video was also about ways to make money online during quarantine, so it's even more fitting to have more advice and strategies to improve from!

  20. dude got a mug in last couple thumbnails

  21. Gary: "I get a shitload of engagement, so I get a fuckload of private messages" 😂😂🔥🔥

  22. https://www.rev.com/ – Dustin's team says Tea with GaryVee use Rev

  23. Watch how I built a Stock and Real Estate Machine. See it here : https://youtu.be/eW81CVMnOJ4

  24. Dustin you don't let this dude come to our office unless he posts 3 times a day on tiktok. 😂😅😂

  25. Ri

    Intro is too dope!! So glad it's back to the rap!

  26. Tik Tok for musicians is like….

    What tf do I do on there? LOL.

  27. So many words of wisdom, thanks for sharing all these live videos! I have been following you for years and years!

  28. This is so amazing,its a blessing.

  29. What platform do you use to these to record these etc ?

  30. Hi guys, how does that software to write captions is called? Thank you very much

  31. I saved 50% of my life by switching to Gary Vee 💯

  32. This is better than anything you have ever put out. What you told Jared was perfect, "As soon as you can afford to hire someone do it." I am in business just for that, hire people so we can both grow. Love it.

  33. I can't believe Shash'U was on a call. His DJ set in the Boiler Room was crazy!

  34. Oh, he said Vayner Commerce. I swear to god he said Vayner Comics. I got excited for a second lmao

  35. how do i get on the show? Got 2 good questions for Gary!

  36. Hi Gary, could you please make shorter videos?

  37. Buisness mentors my f^+c^ng D*^ck

  38. We had a family business for 35 years my wife an I had fun an it got our Kidd’s through school now I’m disabled an there taking care of me it’s good to see folks doing a family business ✨✌️✨WOOODOGY BY GOLLY

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