7 Reasons Why Gary Vee Is Spiritual AF (And Doesn’t Even Realize It)

7 Reasons Why Gary Vee Is Spiritual AF (And Doesn’t Even Realize It)

While Gary Vee claims that he doesn’t practice spirituality and mindfulness, I would argue that based on his actions and beliefs, he is actually deeply spiritual. In this video, I break down the 7 reasons why I believe he’s way more spiritual than he thinks (see timestamps below). So, is he a spiritual guru, or just full of it? Let me know what you think in the comments.


0:00 Introduction
0:40 1. His underlying thesis of life seems to be based on gratitude, happiness, and positivity.
2:41 2. He enjoys the process.
3:30 3. He refuses to judge himself and others.
4:32 4. He exudes non-reactivity.
5:21 5. He believes that love always wins.
5:58 6. He exhibits empathy.
6:32 7. He is extremely self-aware.
7:33 Closing thoughts

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10 Thoughts to “7 Reasons Why Gary Vee Is Spiritual AF (And Doesn’t Even Realize It)”

  1. Hello my friend, love what you're putting out!

  2. Totally agree—he's not just about entrepreneurship but about how you can become an entrepreneur from within. Great video! Love the work you're doing, Michael! Keep it up 👏

  3. Hi, I loved the the time and research that went through to come up with this video. Loved it man. Keep it up!

  4. Thank you for posting very good content!! I'm a growing channel like yours !! Continued success!!

  5. I believe his gratitude schtick is a very relevant selling point in today’s market. This guy is as spiritual as a used car salesman. He is constantly talking about the commodification of deeds, I would argue his philosophy is antithetical to all religious or spiritual thought. I don’t think he gives a fuck about people’s happiness or their willingness to pursue their dreams, he is on a ego driven mission to sell his message of caring and selling people their own vision of happiness which is predicated on human beings unwillingness to attain it so it’s a sustainable market because his overhead is minimal and fueled by self delusion and waxing poetic

  6. Amazing video man, keep doing great, Subbed to support you, Lets be friends💎

  7. I came to this video after watching one of Gary V’s video. This dude is the truth. This kind of passion gets you far.

  8. Great video, I don't believe I've seen this connection made either. I've often thought it myself, it's actions definitely align with great spiritual wisdom.

  9. I like Gary Vee's outlook on judgement. Where there is judgement of others (or yourself!), there is no room for love. The opposite of judgement is compassion. Open your heart to love and compassion and you will never judge again. 💗

  10. I watch Gary everyday, he is amazing 😉

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