7 Figure Dropshipper Paul Lee’s Facebook Ads Formula | Oberlo Dropshipping 2020

7 Figure Dropshipper Paul Lee’s Facebook Ads Formula | Oberlo Dropshipping 2020

In this 3-part video series we gave four dropshippers a trending product from Aliexpress and asked them how they would sell it. They made an ad they would use themselves and took us through their entire Facebook ad process from start to publish. They didn’t let us down, but they also didn’t agree!

Dropshipper Paul Lee made over seven-figures with his data-driven strategies and now mentors students 1-on-1.

Keep watching to see how Paul finds freelancers to make his winning video ads. Along the way, he also shares his expert advice on:

What to budget each ad set and how long to run them for
What conversion event pro dropshippers swear by
What CPC (cost-per-click) to look for to know whether an ad is worth keeping

This video series dives deep into Facebook ads. If you’re just getting started and looking for a step-by-step guide from store build to Facebook sale, check out Oberlo 101: http://bit.ly/2qzd32W!

For more from Paul Lee, check out:

Success story on the Oberlo blog: http://bit.ly/33BME2C
Ecom Explorers Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/35vGNN4
Paul’s 1-on-1 mentorship, Ecomswift: http://bit.ly/35B0x1N
Paul’s Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/2OEGVmx

Daily motivation = daily success! Join the Oberlo community on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/oberloapp


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30 Thoughts to “7 Figure Dropshipper Paul Lee’s Facebook Ads Formula | Oberlo Dropshipping 2020”

  1. Here is Paul's entire Facebook strategy summarised into a saveable cheat sheet 👉 http://bit.ly/2up329V
    Make sure to follow our Instagram to get to these knowledge bombs first!

  2. Love these videos. Thank you

  3. Best mentor you can have! Go check him out<3

  4. This is Pure Gold. Very valuable lessons from the Master Lee. More than info I admire his attitude, how clear he is in his thoughts and so forthright. Love it.

  5. why customers will buy from me instead of amazon?

  6. Got a sale while watching this video🤩🤩

  7. On one hand, this video is just what I'm looking for, but I'm not seeing results. I follow the ad setup for view content presented in Oberlo 101, which gets me to about 100 link clicks and 2 sales per day. But then I start playing with the settings in this video: switch conversion event to sales, turn off cbo, broaden and diversify the audience. Everything just dies. Link clicks plummet, sales stop. And switching settings back doesn't fix things; I have to re-write the ads from scratch because the ads are now corrupted or something. Maybe this is the hair-pulling frustration with ads you are talking about.

  8. One of the best videos. Very useful, insightful and practical 🙂

  9. where can we find a list with the most succesfull dropshippers in the world?

  10. This guy knows his stuff. I took a facebook course and the teacher said the same exact things.

  11. Never tried that strategy of the first 2-3 hours thing…anyone here tried that also and can come back with results?

  12. This was honestly a brilliant video. Valuable tips and hints. @oberlo I will keep you posted to how my conversions go from this.

  13. Holy mollyy this man is a genius, never seen a video overloaded with so much value it makes me wanna launch my own store right now!!

  14. How do I shorten the url like Paul was saying without using bitly?

  15. Hope you guys liked this video! If you want to learn more, I'll be producing content every week on my channel! 🙂

  16. Watching it for the 5th time. So fucking helpfull.

  17. "I don't like to spend any money on non potential products"…. I like this guy!

  18. I scheduled a phone call with this guy and I was very determined to sign up for his course after the call, All I needed was an answer for a couple of questions, but he canceled the phone call 1 hour before because he said he was sold out! That's actually a shame he couldn have taken my phone call and told me next time he has opening I can sign up! I'm not sure if he is real or scam!

  19. My main concern is that will the consumer wait for 4-5 weeks for the product to arrive???

  20. i cant take oberlo serious anymore. i bought the course ( for a great price though ) but when i was ready to start and was looking at their products that they recommend and that they had researched i found products from well-known brands which will end up in big lawsuits when you sell them under your own name. we told oberlo this and they were going to look into this, but there were tons of other products with the same issue all copywriting products. In my eyes there is no researched done by oberlo im luckily i recognised the products otherwise it could have cost me my life. for example, LOL products cant be sold by third parties without permissions ,

  21. Hi! Where can i find the country list?

  22. CBO will be mandatory I heard. There must be rules you can put in place on assets in CBO that if no conversion after xx amount spend, then pause.

  23. So did it actually sell more than $50 per day? It seems the product must only profit a dollar or two per sale. Did you get 50 conversions per day?

  24. Just listenn to Fred lam. This guy is obviously a noob.

  25. that could be one of the best explanations of FB setup I have watched.

  26. @ 24:19 you guys forget to hide the Facebook Pixel.

  27. Don't just go in there guessin interests. Use Audience Insights inside facebook and really take the time to define your customer avatar.

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