6 Tips For Content Marketing & Social Media

6 Tips For Content Marketing & Social Media

6 CONTENT MARKETING TIPS: In this video, I’ll share 6 tips for generating fresh new content marketing ideas FAST. Subscribe for more videos like this here: http://bit.ly/therightphrasepays

Be sure to stick to the end of this video where I share my #1 biggest secret for keeping this whole content marketing business an enjoyable process and something you look forward to day after day.

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10 Thoughts to “6 Tips For Content Marketing & Social Media”

  1. Enjoying the videos. Great job. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hi Alex! I've watched a lot of your videos and taken notes on them. I have a lot of varied sales experience, and have done some copywriting while selling for others to increase my personal sales. I'm getting started in freelance copywriting. I was thrilled when I saw that you recommended The Wizard of Ads, because I first enjoyed that book several years ago… A book I just found, and strongly recommend, is The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy.

  3. I really appreciated this video. Thank you!

  4. Some days ago i didn't even know what's copywriter, but thanks to Dan Lok (who talk several times about this skill) and because I like to investigate around something is new for me… I discovered you! I like you energy and informations

    (and is also a pleasure watch educational video from a so good looking and smart girl… this is a good think for you👌)

  5. Rookie, salesperson. Just adding a new skill. Thank you for the great content. Reading “Wizard of Ads”

  6. Do you ever get compared to or mistaken for Marie Forleo? (I think you're smarter than Marie.)

  7. M K

    Yep, having one of those days now. Even struggling to write this comment. Seriously feels paralysing when your brain won’t play nice.

  8. My number six way is watching your videos 😍

  9. Hey Alex I’m so brand new to this that all I do is research and brainstorm. As always thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Most business, especially small business, haven't quite accepted that they need to build an audience FIRST. They can scale this up quickly with FB and IG advertising and then retargeting the audience, that engaged with the ad but the truth is, most ads are ineffective. It's been a tough year for small business and they will either have to hire a digital marketer or learn it themselves. Adapt or die.

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