6 Marketing Tips in Digital Age

6 Marketing Tips in Digital Age

6 Marketing Tips in Digital Age.
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Small Business Marketing Tips for The Digital Age
Have Consistent Branding. This has to be the first step in your small business marketing strategy. …
Publish Fresh Content. …
Start Blogging. …
Publish An Email Newsletter. …
Do SEO. …
Establish a Social Media Presence. …
Be Active on Social Media.
Is digital marketing evolving faster than you are? Don’t feel bad! This is happening to a lot of small business owners. Marketing has changed more fundamentally since 2000 than between 1945 and 2000. As a result what used to work isn’t! If you want to succeed at marketing in the digital age you should check out these small business marketing tips for the digital age.

Back in 2000, business networking meant passing out your business cards or flyers at trade shows. Social networking was going to a cocktail party, taking a client for lunch, or meeting other business people for drinks after work. You had an ad in the Yellow Pages. Most likely you had brochures and flyers printed, and most likely mailed them out. Nobody had ever heard of “inbound marketing.”

If you had a website at all, you were already pretty advanced. I remember businesses that only printed a domain address on their business card! There was no mobile anything. Google was only 2 years old, and there was no “Googling.” Search meant letting your fingers do the walking. And social media was called gossip back then.

This has to be the first step in your small business marketing strategy. Branding and visibility are very important in our competitive digital world. Make sure you are sending the right message with your logo. And keep your brand image consistent across your website, blog, social profiles, and your printed materials.

Take a good hard look at your business website. Make sure it is mobile friendly and responsive. Check to if your content is both current and relevant. If it isn’t you must update it. Add required functionality to keep visitors on your site longer. Verify your site on Google so you will appear on local listings and Google maps.

Small business marketing in 2017 is a lot more than having a website and forgetting about it. SEO guidelines changed, and Google now considers fresh and relevant content a ranking signal. If you want to stay at the top of search engine results, you will need to keep up with those changes and publish SEO-friendly content. Brands change over time – your website and your small business marketing need to reflect that.

Small business marketing must include content marketing and blogging. If you don’t already have one, start a blog and post to it regularly. Businesses that blog at least twice a week get 67% more leads. Blogging will establish you and your small business as a trusted resource. Potential consumers will remember you when they decide to purchase.

Contrary to popular belief email marketing is a very effective small business marketing strategy. Send a weekly or monthly newsletter. Build and grow a database of email addresses by adding opt-in forms on your website. Consider offering incentives such as a case study or white paper, or a special discount or offer.
Sorry folks, but the free ride is over! Small business marketing now includes advertising on social media. Facebook ads are becoming more effective than any other social advertising tactic. They are also one of the most economical ways to reach your potential customers.

Simply having a social media profile is not enough. You must stay active on all of your social networks, posting 1-3 times a day. This is important if you want your posts seen by viewers, as most social media algorithms algorithm favors brands that post often. Be sure to follow basic social media guidelines to get the most out of your social marketing.

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