6 Figure Profit Dropshipper Response to Gary Vee's Dropshipping Strategies (Are they GOOD or BAD?)

6 Figure Profit Dropshipper Response to Gary Vee's Dropshipping Strategies (Are they GOOD or BAD?)

🔥 Gary Vaynerchuk is a social media LEGEND. He gives FREE advice every single day that changes the lives of many, including mine. Recently, he posted a new video on Instagram talking about what he would do if he were to start Shopify dropshipping.

I love Gary Vee, but since he doesn’t actually dropship himself, I thought I’d make sure that his strategies actually made sense before people start applying them.

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Anyway, Gary Vee has 2 strategies he would do for dropshipping

#1 = Pay attention to Tiktok & Instagram ALL DAY to figure out what everyone’s ‘HOT’ on.

The example he used was when VSCO girls popped off maybe around 4 months ago, he would have sold water bottles.

Another example he used was when the solar eclipse happened 2 years ago, sell the solar eclipse glasses.

Make sure to watch the video so you can learn exactly my opinion on that… and his examples were NOT good.

His overall strategy of “Pay attention to Tiktok & Instagram ALL DAY to figure out what everyone’s ‘HOT’ on”…

It’s OK…

But I can make it better.

This is not the best strategy because I actually HAVE paid attention to Tiktok & Instagram ALL DAY several times with the intention of winning product research.

Because I’m addicted to dropshipping and finding out the best products to sell are…

I realized that scrolling through these social media platforms for product research is a WASTE OF TIME.

You’ll probably find yourself watching useless dance videos or what everyone’s outfits are for the day, or what they’re eating or where they’re vacationing.

Here’s what I would do instead…

Pay attention to (time wasting social media)
ALL DAY to figure out what everyone’s ‘HOT’ on

Pay attention to (where people are buying products)
ALL DAY to figure out what everyone’s ‘HOT’ on

I find it way more efficient to be looking at Amazon, Google Shopping, & Facebook & Instagram PRODUCT ADS.

Comment below “all day” so I know you read this far.

Strategy #2 was that Gary would sell something that he’s really about (ex: hoodies & beanies)

This strategy I LOVE…

And the reason why is because when I first started dropshipping my #1 priority was to make money. I saw that women’s fashion was one of the most profitable niches. So I hopped in and made a lot of money.

But here’s the thing, I had ZERO interest in women’s fashion. So eventually after a year and a half, I gave up on that business because I didn’t like it.

Look I’m going to tell you right now if you want to make a lot of money, you have to sell what a lot of people want to buy.

And if you like stuff that a lot of other people like too, then that’s great.

But if not, I’d say why not just take advantage of this cash cow called dropshipping we’re sitting on, make a lot of money, and then later use that money to start a business that you do end up liking

Study my FREE course:

To your success,
Matt Riley

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  1. Hey Matt, loving your content and currently binge watching right now! I’m currently doing 20k/month, and I’m definitely addicted to dropshipping as much as you are😂 Id love to get a consulting call with you to talk about working with suppliers, and moving forward with the age barrier, because to be honest I really have no one to work with on this!! Anyways, keep up the good content and thank you for the value you provide 👍

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