6 Facebook Ads Email List Targeting Best Practices – Facebook Ads Customer List Targeting

6 Facebook Ads Email List Targeting Best Practices - Facebook Ads Customer List Targeting

Learn about some Facebook Ads Email Targeting best practices and strategies. Facebook Ads Customer List Targeting is easy to get started with, the main thing you will need is a Mailchimp email list, Shopify Customer List, or an email list or a customer list from another provider. Essentially, you need a list of emails that you can import into Facebook Ads. Facebook will then take your emails and match them with customers that actively use Facebook. You can use your email list to target people, exclude people, build lookalike audiences, run promotions, and use in addition to other targeting to create great audiences for your Facebook Ads campaigns. When it comes to Facebook Ads Targeting options, one of the most popular options is using Facebook Email List Targeting to reach people who have already shown they are interested in your business.

6 Facebook Advertising Email List Targeting Best Practices:

1. Keep Your Email Lists and Customer Lists up to date in your Facebook Ads account.

You can easily upload your customer files and email lists to match with customers. When you upload fields like email, zip code, name, address, phone number, customer value, and more, you can match them with people who are actively using Facebook. One best practice is to make sure your email list is up to date. You may want to set a reminder to upload your email list once per month to avoid having old data when it comes to your targeting, and to include people who have recently shown they are interested in your products or services.

2. Use Customer Value in Your Email Lists if Applicable When You Upload Your Customer Lists to Facebook

If you have an Ecommerce website, you have data about who is purchasing from your website and how much they spent. You can use that data to create relevant Facebook ads, reach your most valuable customers, and create Lookalike audiences with Lifetime Value attached to your audience.

3. Create Email List Lookalike Audiences

You can create Lookalike audiences using your email list and customer files. Facebook will find users who closely match with the people who are already interested in your business, which can be more effective than targeting interests, demographics and behaviors.

4. Target Your Email List on Facebook Ads With Promotions and New Products

People on your email list are going to be very interested in your promotions and the new products you have for sale. In case they miss the message in their inbox, or to reinforce the message, you can target them directly with Facebook Ads as well.

5. Exclude Your Email List From Audiences

6. Layer Email List Targeting with Other Custom Audiences and Retargeting Audiences


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