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5 Ways to Make Money Selling Cutting Boards

5 Ways to Make Money Selling Cutting Boards

5 Ways to Make More Money Selling Cutting Boards as a Business
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➤Referenced people/videos:
Kris DeVo – Cutting Board Hobby to Business – https://youtu.be/1zo6fV_XrcA
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Are you trying to turn your hobby of building cutting boards into a business? Here are 5 tips to help you make more money selling cutting boards. Being a small business owner is hard as a one man shop, but if you can manage your expenses and raise your sales prices it can be a nice side hustle or full time gig.

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37 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Money Selling Cutting Boards

  1. Great video – very informative!

  2. I really wish I saw this sooner. I would start on this asap, but I just hit my nail while not paying attention with a saw, sooo… I'm gonna be out for a little bit.

  3. Nice shout-out to Kris 💪🏾 great video!

  4. Great business 101 video!

  5. How do you still make a profit after shipping? I see others on Etsy offering free shipping but I just shipped a sleeping bag and it cost me $35! And where do you get boxes that fit your pieces well? Thanks!

  6. Thank you very much for this video.

    Your open and honest manner is just great.

    You talk openly about your own business model and encourage others to give their woodwork a try. Thank you for all of these tips and suggestions. Please keep it up.

    Best regards from Hamburg, Germany

  7. This is so informative, thanks 💯🎯

  8. Where do you get wood? HOME DEPOT don't sell it

  9. I went to the website and the xcarve was 2300. Where did you find it cheaper?

  10. Hi I am Sujit love 💘your video… please i make things please a video for tools making minimum requirements…..

  11. what is the model number brand of the drum sander you have in your shop?

  12. Great video. Love the build videos but this was great content!

  13. Great info, definitely helpful. Thank you.

  14. Well, now its off to find a 1970s vintage crockpot! Lol. Great video!

  15. When I was selling either tables or pens or anything else I would do when I had a shop I would charge 40$ per working hour+ cost of material for my final price.

  16. Can u do a house tour cuz u did some much to ur house I want a house tour plsssss

  17. I have sold several large cutting boards designed to fit over burners in RVs and Travel Trailers which are all short of counter space.

  18. Great and timely video. Thanks!

  19. Love the Mountain Dew joke! Hahaha!

  20. This is a brilliant video summarizing marketing techniques/sales. It should be in the curriculum of BA and MBAs!

  21. Very good video 👍👍👍

  22. Well done, you addressed the key issues and explained them clearly, thanks. And I love Kris Devo's videos!!

  23. Those are all amazing tips! Is it weird I still haven't made a cutting board yet? Now I really want to, even if we only make them as gifts.

  24. How much do you recommend a beginner to charge the time for?

  25. Great video explaining the ins and outs of what it takes to start selling cutting boards. Totally agree with etsy being the wrong place to start selling your work. It is so over saturated that it would be a brutal place to start. I have 2 friends here locally that that do really well selling cutting boards to the local market. Word of mouth, friends and family and local venues work great for them. I really appreciate the shout-out buddy!

  26. I started this "hobby" just before I retired from the Fire Department and the Army Reserves, about 2010. Really it was not a hobby at first. I needed to fix things around the house. It sorta of grew from that. I always like tools, it is a man thing I guess. This video gave me a reason and a means to pay for new cool tools. I have not found any local places to buy nice wood yet. I don't think I make things well enough to sell, even thou people who have seen my stuff ask for me to make them one. Your business concept seems to be almost right out the "book". This was a really good video. Thanks Will Williams

  27. Everything about this video was fantastic. I think the concepts can be applied to any home business and they were very well explained. Thank you.

  28. Thankyou. As a beginner woodworker this is very informative, helpful.

  29. could you possibly make a murphy table that could also slide along the wall, acting as a mobile kitchen counter?


  31. A bit thick for cutting boards

  32. 20:16 makes what you can do safer ex: drill to drill press great video a lot of great information got a new sub from me. will be tuning in!

  33. As a fellow Nashvillian (Nashvillie – ite?) I'm curious to know where do you get your lumber? I've gone to Woodcraft for the smaller accent pieces, but for large pieces I'm still looking for a good supplier. I live South of Nashville (between Franklin and Murfreesboro) but will drive to Hendersonville for the right supplier.

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