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5 Rules for Buying Amazon Prime Return Pallets (Don't Lose Your Money!)

5 Rules for Buying Amazon Prime Return Pallets (Don't Lose Your Money!)

Learn to sell books on Amazon like a pro
http://www.thebooksellersblueprint.com/ Buy amazon pallets – https://aardvarklots.com/collections/frontpage/products/amazon-general-merchandise-pallet-free-shipping

Buy a 22″ cube of amazon returns PRIME SHIPPING

find thrift stores in your area http://www.walterblakeknoblock.com/thrift-stores/

entrepreneur facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/WBKUltraGroup/


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37 thoughts on “5 Rules for Buying Amazon Prime Return Pallets (Don't Lose Your Money!)



  3. I placed two orders with them on 3-31-21
    I paid extra for express shipping 7 to 14 days
    When I track the package it says it's in China being sent to US

  4. Question
    Ordered from Withbestlive
    Have you ever heard of them?
    Supposed to be online pallet sale off Facebook and haven t received anything

  5. J

    How often do you find pallets where you have to discard >50%?

  6. J

    It would be great if you put information in your description like the other contact providers do selling pallets

  7. For gods sake get to the point fannying around

  8. Hello! Found you from the piece in the Atlantic. Great advice!

  9. why throw away 2 dollar items when you could have a small store specifically to sell stuff cheap fast??

  10. Hi. Sorry I’m a year late lol. I may be migrating to Canada and was looking at doing this as a side hustle. Do you know if there is an Amazon or Walmart liquidation pallet service for either of these in Canada?

  11. Your aardvark web site is being blocked by Firefox.

  12. Where do you buy your pallets and items to sell. I'm interested in learning more and finding good places to buy.

  13. M S

    Why doesn’t anyone bid on tvs on these websites.

  14. I really hope I don't get any VCR'S In a pallet..lol

  15. Watch some of your other videos and I love the enthusiasm!

  16. Question!

    I just found out that this exist. Just sold my bread routes and looking at next venture. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thank you,

  17. It’s frustrating when videos like this ( videos that use material that’s common sense & not really much help) have a lot of views.

  18. No education in Google Home, then found YouTube VLOG

  19. thank you for your upfront honesty

  20. Are you buying direct from Amazon or are you getting these from a middle broker ?

  21. A nicely edited, pre-recorded version of this should be a priority – I can't stand watching old livestreams where the person posting never took the time to edit out dead space, talking errors, etc…

  22. Walter: 1. Decent of you to be honest. 2. A lot people want to get burned, which is why the videos of hustlers have a lot more views than this one.

  23. QUESTION (please excuse the cap locks) Amazon is starting in australia would same apply? and would it be good to enter the market at the beginning? australia is a large county so I guess transporting would be a concern? I am interested in kitchenware as a major theme item

  24. Thanks for making the video, but I found 0 value in what you said. Where do we gain access to the mystery pallets? I found the Amazon site. But you pay sales tax on the pallet and you must register with a state approved sales tax id. Well that means 15% or more of profit will be taken not to mention shipping cost. So reality is 30% of the cost will be taken from you profits. Can you make a video that addresses these issues. Also give the link's to the best liquidation web sites.

  25. Question how do you order these pallet

  26. It seems only could be decent if the returns were simply random and direct. , however I’m certain they have already been Combed through and you’re likely to get nothing but garbage

  27. Thank you for the tips, I'm an ebay reseller and am looking at different sourcing avenues.

  28. Question: I wanne do this whit books. But I live in Belgium in europe so I don't know how to get them whit out paying to much for shipping. Do you have any ideas

  29. Just wanted to say thank you for the video and tips. I am just learning about this "biz", not for a full-time job, but to help pay for my student loans and my son just started college. So I am hoping to make some extra cash and stop sneaking into work to work for free in my downtime since my son away in school and I get bored easily nowadays.
    . I don't mind doing the work. Your videos are giving me a good place to start. I will be checking out your videos. I live in Queens, NY and would love any help and guidance if I lived in Detroit I'd ask to be an intern or be an assistant LOL. Anywhoo, Thank you for taking the time out to try and help us that are not in the know. :O)

  30. where are you buying them? Not asking for your website, asking for your source

  31. would you send me a t shirt like that?? mrw 800 joann st, costa mesa, ac

  32. Where do you order pallets from

  33. ill buy that petsafe wireless pet containment system there on the shelf if you havent sold it yet.

  34. man good video!, im just starting on this business, and i cant find a good place to buy a truckload, would u recommend afew good sites?

  35. I got you. I appreciate everyone whos sharing knowledge. So I'm not trying to be judgey Judgeington by any means. Just felt frustrated watching your video. Still, give you any other hustler mad props. No disrespect ever. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in.

  36. Question: you mentioned in the video that you also sell pallets. Help me understand–are these pallets you chose not to sell and if you have already gone through it and don't want it, why would anyone who doesn't know the business want it? I'm truly an optimist and really interested in doing this, just wanting to make sure I'm not receiving "all" duds for my money. thanks

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