5 Reasons Not To Go to College

5 Reasons Not To Go to College

5 Reasons Not To Go to College!

Let’s be honest, college is overrated. If you watch anything by Gary Vee, my boy Gary Vaynerchuk, you already know this! So, I’ve consolidated all the best teachings of our thousands of years on this planet into a simple 5 point rationale why you shouldn’t even consider going to college.

Let me know if this is helping you convince your parents that dropping out is the right move!

— Lexo

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6 Thoughts to “5 Reasons Not To Go to College”

  1. 10000x more entertaining than college

  2. Skipping class to write a paper for another class.
    This is college.

  3. TL;DR
    1. coronavirus
    2. goobers
    3. flexo never partied
    4. will not help you become pro gamer
    5. just become a twitch th0t

  4. College just exists to brainwash you into getting vaccines and letting the government erect 5G towers so they can control us all. OVER hyped for sure

  5. @collegesEverywhere been real quiet since this dropped, lmk if you wanna drop out now in the comments below :/

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