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5 Pieces of Advice to Be Successful in Quarantine| Tea with GaryVee

5 Pieces of Advice to Be Successful in Quarantine| Tea with GaryVee

There are a lot of questions and concerns going around with everyone in quarantine and the uncertainty for what the future holds. Gary has been hoping in live stream calls with his followers to offer his perspective on their current issues. In this episode of “Tea With GaryVee”, Gary talks about monetizing your skills, dealing with negative parents and insecurities, and more! There is a ton of value here for everyone so please watch all the way through… Enjoy!


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50 thoughts on “5 Pieces of Advice to Be Successful in Quarantine| Tea with GaryVee

  1. Gary is the Mann, his teaching has really helped me pull the trigger on my own new youtube channel

    I would sincerely appreciate some subscribers and likes, I will return the fav – thank you your blessed

  2. Check out how to sell expensive items during lockdown so you can pay off debt

  3. Garyvee is a man who inspired me when I watching his videos. Can I have a support for my channel??

  4. Liza wanted that classic f"n in ur face gary v type answer
    …she was so disappointed to not get it😒

  5. @42:00 peacock move…. lolololololololololololololilol. Bro i have always been sensitive and hated myself for it. Its taken years of humbleness and self love to be able to openly display it.

  6. @36:34 that is probably the best compliment someone could ever receive from Mr. Vee.

  7. @31:25 great advice when dealing with deadbeat clients who don't pay. It is easy to get caught up in the frustration of it and yes you should be frustrated. You should seek justice. But its highly powerful for you and even for them to not keep a negative energy with it. It is hard. So hard. I got hosed this and that way to next Tuesday. Lost a biz over it. I have developed a way to help myself and others with it. If this is something you would like help with, in otberwords if you are struggling with negative emotions, please send me a message. I'm aharonwsmith@gmail.com

  8. 7:38. So powerful. Yes. It is also critical in marketing to do this stuff too. No one cares about you or your product unless you care about them. As a salesperson/marketer, your job is to get the word out to people who may be interested in your service or product. So go find the interested people and start the conversation. I suggest make a science of it as well. Go out, like Gary said and hit up 40 people on Twitter. Then track and manage the retweets, return comments, etc. All this stuff is is a way to communicate through unique form. That's it. Step one, imagine yourself on stage and telling everyone about your product. Step 2 your job is to help others. Period. If you get behind that mindset it naturally sparks up. Oh man, that person didn't like me. Well you had some ego going on there, so let it go. Did you actually send some "love" their way or were you self-aggrandizing yourself. This is why I love the christian narrative so much. Read the sermon on the mount for all those who resonate with Christianity. If you don't, that's fine, take it a step up and start looking at the message. What's the message? Take care of each other. Love one another. Period. Do it just do it. Do it do it do it. When you are tired, take a break. When you are pumped, then share to help others. When you are sad, seek empathy from your loved network. Clear yourself out. Keep yourself physically, mentally and socially healthy. I'm always a friend. I'm a friend to all. I know what sadness is like. I know what suicidal thoughts is like. You always have ae ear 👂 to bend over here. Thanks for the opp. To share my message here. Love you Gary Vee and I love all who read this. Best of luck with you and yours.

  9. 5,32. 'Don't like jersey talk.' Well said.

  10. @Gary so grateful for your content! You are one of my heroes. It's nice to hear you are a sensitive guy, and even nicer to see how brave you are to talk about it.

  11. I consumed a good portion of this on linked in. Thanks so much for Muhammad for connecting with me!

  12. Loved the immigrant talk! Gary is so HUMAN!!!!

  13. Garry I freakin love you bro, mad respect

  14. we need more people helping small businesses in latinamerica, that is why I make content every day in different networks. Necesitamos ayudar más a pequeñas empresas en Latinoamérica por eso hago contenido diario en las redes.

  15. “I’m an executor at the highest level who happens to be motivated and optimistic.” That’s so good!

  16. Thats a fax like if a fax

  17. Because of @garyvee I've started my own channel. It's not on the same niche as Gary but it's really interesting for me

  18. Gary Vee says the answer is "Yes!" Post the content. 🙂

  19. EXACTLY, Gary, it was THAT bad!! I grew up under communism, in the 70s and 80s, omg, it was a soul killing experience, literally had nothing to live for 😩🙏

  20. Gareyvee is the man it's my first time I watched his video and it realy inspired me 😊

  21. I am loving this morning talks. Gary you are fucking awesome 👌

  22. Sick intro! LOVEE that music, excited to get into this show!

  23. Makes sense for the guys to start wearing make up. They did back in the day. What comes around goes around. Nothing in this world is new. Gary observes and looks for the signs.

  24. Thank you very much GaryVee

    I fulfilled my wish. Now my next wish is to make 1000 subscribers

  25. Love the Show. Thank you for subscribing to my channel #subscribe2020

  26. How do I get to talk to Gary? here or somewhere, for advice

  27. gary why you are not swing hashtags anymore?

  28. Thanks Gary for doing those live streams. I found this one especially helpful. 🙏 Your content is amazing! Wishing everyone strength to go hard on your goals and dreams! Be you. 💥

  29. Gary Vee is the man!!! I've taken all of gary vee's advice jumped out of my comfort zone and now i'm on target to make a million!
    I've just create a YouTube Channel to follow my progress. my 2nd video is drop now. i would love some support/feed back so pls hit Subscribe:)

  30. Gary has been helping me a lot just by watching his youtube content! Now I created my own youtube and I am presenting woman of all walks of life to inspire others. Although I have small followers, I still wanna help! 💛 Kindly support me!

  31. Love your work brother! Very inspirational

  32. Trying to reach you for months now i tried everything IG twitter email youtube no luck but ill keep trying .

  33. I recently started my own YouTube to track my fitness progress as I try to build more muscle mass. Please check it out and hit subscribe to follow my progress! https://www.youtube.com/user/fitnessreset/ Thanks for your positive videos encouraging people to go out and do what they love! Also, feel free to subscribe to my personal YouTube that I post normal life events with my family. https://www.youtube.com/user/jaredrodell22085

  34. Lots of great advice, insights, and inspiration here as usual Gary- thank you! Trying to take my brand to the next level as it's been a year now and face-to-face consults and training are no longer possible for a while as we are social distancing here in Japan like most places. My focus is on sustainability – providing content on sustainability-focused innovation in Japan to customers but also providing consulting to biz on how to better promote their products and services which are better than biz-as-usual but its not something is done here yet, so it's a hurdle even face-to-face and I get no response from biz without a connection reaching out to them online. So, trying to reach out to the foreign entrepreneurs here to do Livestream talks and work on building my brand that way for now. Left a 20-year career as a teacher here to try to make a difference in the real world, this is my passion so I will keep at it and appreciate the support you give all of us to keep at it! I can't wait for your next episode!

  35. Loving these talks. Very much needed right now as I’m preparing for my exodus to fulfillment and financial freedom. 💯💚😩

  36. HUGE inspiration 🤯
    Inspired me to make my first video on YouTube

  37. some superbly mature and nuanced teenagers. keep it up guys.

  38. GaryVee doing American pickers!

  39. This was probably the most impactful episode I watched of Tea with Garyvee. Thank you!

  40. I really inspire by Mr Garyvee. You re doing a great job. I am Haitian American. I created a channel to promote Haitian Culture. I ask you guys a big favor to suscribe to my channel in order to help me achieve my goal. Thanks in advance and hope you guys stay safe.

  41. Gary, this is a great video. I was inspired by your content all the way from the UK. I’ve only just started in 2020 and the YouTube struggle is real. Thank you so much for helping me make this decision. I am documenting my journey to Financial Independence and to becoming a qualified Wealth Manager. “A Journey To Success”

  42. 9:25 How to Monetize: My favorite part: When someone would have NO clue about martial arts and asks ''Hey, I wanna be a black belt, how can I get that?''😜😜😜 What a superb REMINDER that growing on social takes TIME TIME TIME⌛️⏳⌛️⏳
    For me, I admit I had the same thing when I first wanted to build an online business, I thought it would be QUICKER, I posted daily and nobody reacted….. LOL
    Who was I kidding? Now, 3 years later, I am still SMALL, but I have learned a TON, I have studied a ton and I have worked a LOT.
    Now I'm at a point where I understand CONSISTENCY, and
    I am making videos on YouTube weekly, consistent,
    I am posting on FB and Linkedin consistently
    I am engaging more (not enough yet)
    I have written books,
    I have done speaking ,
    I have online courses,
    I have coaching clients,
    BUT I am still very small!!!! and I am not giving up working hard because I want to help and motivate others to live the life they desire. This is the life I desire and I quit my corporate to live my dream. My dream life means working hard but I can be anywhere I want, that is the freedom I want and I will NOT stop working hard because I do NOT want to work for a BOSS🔱🔱 NO MORE.

    IF you are small and beginning, promise me NOT to give up, even if at the beginning you think nobody is watching your stuff.
    We cannot give up!👊

  43. My mom is amazing and I absolute LOVE and adore her and she has amazing qualities, but she is so stuck
    In the old days and all the time very concerned and stressez and thinks that 💰 doesn’t matter in life…

  44. Dang that conversation with the Russian girl was powerful and disarming! Gary speaks nothing but the hard truth, while delivering it with kindness and EMPATHY!

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