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  1. Where have you been getting inventory during this time?

  2. You have such a comfortable on air presence. Love your videos. We just started our You Tube channel. Check us out. Thred Up unboxing went up today. Stay safe!

  3. Oregon has no sales tax.

  4. I would love to know how many days it took between ordering and shipping.

  5. Short for cheerleader
    The Kween Shirt

  6. I sell wild honey all the time, its a brand sold at Nordstrom and smaller boutiques.

  7. I figured it out – CHRLDR is Cheerleader 😊💕

  8. I'm all set to check out and now I see a $52.99 shipping charge!! Is this what you paid/do you know a way to lessen this. Seems like a lot for 50 items..

  9. Thank you for sharing your box contents and code, I just ordered my first one.🙂👍

  10. 👍 Thumbs Up , always one of my favorites ❤️😊

  11. Hey Denali, the link you gave for Vendoo gives the referral to someone named Anthony Celender, not you….did you know?

  12. You got some great stuff. Se real things I saw I like! I was looking at this exact box yesterday with your code. My husband will flip if a box shows and I have stuff I haven’t listed. I’m going to do it soon though. 😁

  13. Hiya! Great items in your box! How long did it take for you to get? I ordered this same box with your code 2 weeks ago, will hopefully get it in a couple more weeks lol. Thanks so much!

  14. Did your box have flaws or clearance tags ripped off? I think I bought the same box, mid level returns, I have to send it back it was so bad. It looks like your tags were pretty normal. The listing led me to believe the clearance tag would be $30-$60, all clearance tags were ripped off and I received mostly items to retailed around $30, if they had a tag at all. 12 damaged/stained items and 1 item marked $19 and one that retailed for $19. Maybe we ordered different boxes. You got a pretty decent one so that is good!

  15. Hi Denali. You can list various sizes on Poshmark. You just click multiple items and then it will allow you to place the number of items you have per size. I use iPad/iPhone so hope that helps you! I am enjoying your videos. Looking for new sources and this looks like a great… source! Thank you.

  16. Need that Leigh romper! Have you listed it ? My posh is @wolfjensen

  17. Hello love🤗🙏🏻.. I hope that you and your family are doing well during this difficult time🤗❤️🙏🏻

  18. On Posh they have to be the same color, but can be different sizes to list multiples.

  19. Wow I love what you got especially the jumpsuits. Xo quenby

  20. You can do one listing on posh with multiple quantites of one item , under quantity choose multiple than it will open a size and availability tab, hope this helps!

  21. Love all of the FP stuff! I'm tempted by all of these wholesale videos. Must be like Christmas to open these boxes!!

  22. I actually used ur code for my box, thanks for that discount!!

  23. Love your video's Denali! Thanks.

  24. Awesome box … the blue We the Free sheer burnout tank that was just past the 8 minute mark looked like it might have had a small hole or possibly just a mark up near the inside label. Might have just been the lighting (or my overactive imagination … LOL). I know that with this type of material / style, it is quite common for there to be holes or small flaws just because the material is so thin..

  25. I'm trying to figure out how half your box wasn't BB Dakota! I'm pulling away from B&G Trading because I'm overrun with unselling BB Dakota/Jack by BB Dakota.

  26. When did you order this box? They still haven’t shipped mine and I bought it the day of your last unboxing. Sometimes I tend to think they favor you tubers. Why would you receive another one before I even got my first box?

  27. I picked up a B&G Trading box of Tops Returns OMG has been so good. Sold about 1/3 of the box fast and have tripled my money. It was a 35% off special deal really lucked out.

  28. @elducho – Yes, you can make a multi quantity listing for the same item. When listing click on Quantity and select Multiple, then under Size you will add the number of items available. In the listing description you can give more info on the colors and sizes you have for those colors. Hope that makes sense. PEACE

  29. That box was full of cute stuff & heavily searched brands that wiill bring traffic to your closet… amazing value , too!..at 5/item there's room for some decent margin. That's the most appealing reseller box I've yet seen. Wtg! 🍸

  30. Love your videos, I look forward to them every day. I think you’re awesome, thank you for sharing!!

    *FYI – Leith is my maiden name, it is pronounced Leeth (rhymes with Keith…) 🙂

  31. I'm considering ordering this box. I did order the new Designer Box from TU today and I know you said you recently ordered one as well. Can't wait to see what you unbox next:)

  32. You got a great box of items! I’m waiting for a B&G box I ordered a few weeks ago.

  33. I been getting items from my huge death pile ha! Originally from the bins mostly! Love your B & G wholesale box items 💖

  34. CHRLDR. Short for cheerleader? Never heard of it. 😊

  35. That gives me hope for the box I’m waiting to get from that company. I had to start with the 10 piece box…budgetary constraints and all. I’m hopeful it will be good. Thanks for sharing 💕💕

  36. I just got their foxiedox box

  37. Wishing I had got the 50 pieces box now 🤦‍♀️ I was a afraid and got the 10 piece… then I discovered liquidation lots besides B&G. Hopefully I make all my money back. Full time college student who could use the extra $$$ 😊

  38. Got the 25 piece with your code. Do you list sweaters and sweatshirts going into the summer??

  39. OBSESSED with that striped romper/jumpsuit omg so fun

  40. I ordered a box with your coupon code from your salvage unboxing and it had a ton of Free People! I was so excited I made a video on it!

  41. K I’m buying some of these tees when they are listed 🤣🤣

  42. You got really cute stuff!! I have five boxes still sitting here from them that I have to do videos on. I think I got some really good stuff too. I haven’t looked in them in two months. How are you guys doing?

  43. My B&G box shipped today! Woo! Nicole State has talked about LNA, it's a high end activewear brand that's sold on Carbon 38…

  44. I ordered a B&G trading box (first one) using your code right after your last B&G video and it still hasn't shipped. haha I'm so excited to get it I check on it everyday. Still enjoying the videos! Keep them coming!

  45. I'm gonna gush a little because I'm just so happy I stumbled into the part of the internet where you exist. I always loved thrifting and one day binge watching thrift hauls, I stumbled upon one of your LONG bins haul. And I was like umm… she makes money selling the gems she finds? Amazing! A month of quietly watching and learning, and I mustured up the courage to start selling on eBay and Poshmark. It was something that gave me purpose after having my first baby, because I was only working part time (from home) and feeling… lost.

    People, this girl is the REAL DEAL. Driven. Smart. Humble. A true go-getter.

    P.S. – I bought the cutest red embroidered top from you on eBay last week (or this week, who knows what day it is anymore!) Love it!!

  46. Yes! You can do multi item listing on Posh!

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